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It’s officially the month of love and I want to kick it off with a spoil for you! In 2017 when everything was going wrong, I at least had one thing going for me- good skin. I place high importance on maintaining my skincare routine, with everything from drinking at least 3 litres of water a day (most days anyway), to regular facials to using products that really work for me. I enjoy a good skincare ritual and I will NEVER go to sleep with makeup on, or without moisturizing my skin. What can I say, I have made it a habit! Looking through my bedside table and beauty draw, there were a few products that I had on repeat the whole year, products that I kept getting more off. Yes, I do like to venture and try new skincare every now and again but I try to keep what works for me the same. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what my most loved skincare products of 2017 were, and giveaway a few of them too!

Cleansing Time

Kiehl’s Calendula Face Wash(R520)

I have sworn by this facewash for the last 3 years, and to date I have not found anything that works better with my skin. I replenish it about every 4-5 months and I use this face wash every single night (I also have a mini size of it for when I travel). What I enjoy most about it is that it is very gentle on the skin, it removes all impurities as well as my makeup! It takes a step away in my beauty routine (because I no longer need to use makeup wipes to remove my makeup), and it is so gentle on your face that even the most sensitive user will love it. Bonus- You can win it today in the giveaway!

Clarisonic Aria(R2700)

Along with my Calendula Face Wash, I have used this handy little device for 3 years straight (on and off though I will admit, as I sometimes lose my charger). I did an in-depth review of it here, and my view remains the same- nothing will give your skin a thorough cleanse like the Clarisonic device. I replace the brush head every 6 months or so, and together with a good cleanser this will make all the difference in your life. It is soft yet effective, and this long-term investment will give you radiant skin  in a few weeks. Bonus-You can win it today in the giveaway!

Morning Routine

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF(R1700)

Because I am now in my late 20s, (eeeeek) I started taking my skincare to the next level last year, as in, using active ingredients. When it comes to aging, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure, so with that in mind, I started using Phloretin CF from Skin Ceuticals, every morning after my cleansing. Phloretin CF features a patented synergistic combination of 2% phloretin, 10% pure vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), and 0.5% ferulic acid for enhanced protection against atmospheric skin aging – environmental damage and premature signs of aging caused by free radicals from UVA/UVB, infrared radiation (IRA), and ozone pollution (O3). In addition to antioxidant protective benefits, Phloretin CF improves the appearance of discoloration, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

It is best recommended for oily, normal and combination skin types (it can be just a tiny bit drying when I use it on very sensitive skin days). I have used it for about 6 months now (the bottle lasts about 3 months so I replenished it) and have noticed an overall change in my skin tone and general “plumpness” of it. This year I plan to add a few more active ingredients to my skincare routine, especially around the eyes! This is a bit of a hefty price, but worth it as in investment in your anti-ageing arsenal. I saw a difference in my skins texture after about 2 weeks, and now I’m hooked on this product! I highly recommend this to anyone aged 25-35 as an early aging prevention solution.

Vichy Mineral 89(R470)

Next, after applying my Phloretin, I reach for the Vichy Mineral 89 fortifying and plumping daily booster. This is a unique combination of the Vichy Mineralizing Water, for the first time concentrated up to 89%, associated to the natural origin of Hyaluronic Acid. Minéral 89 reinforces the skin barrier function, to make skin stronger against aggressors like pollution, stress and fatigue. I am a big believer in hydration, and this is exactly what my skin needs- this is my skins glass of water in the morning. It keeps my skin hydrated and looking fresh, even when I have not had enough sleep. It has a gel-like texture that easily dissolves into my skin and makes it feel smoother and more even. I am almost finished with this bottle(I’ve had it from August) and will for sure be purchasing this again!

Urban Decay Rehab Hydrating Hot Spring Gel(R595)

If Mineral 89 is my skins glass of water in the morning than this Hot Spring Gel is the daily three litters of water that my skin needs. Like I said, I’m obsessed with hydration, so some people might think that having so many hydrating products in my skincare in the morning is a little too much, but my skin loves it! The gel texture of this products feels SUPER light, in fact, its encapsulated water that bursts on contact, creating a cooling effect. Because the water in this formula is also hypotonic (meaning a pure form of water), it penetrates the skin’s barrier well and becomes absorbed more easily. The result? Instant hydration that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, never greasy, and Hot Springs Hydrating Gel is low alkaline.

I am on my second tub of it (the first lasted about 4 months) and it is the product I reach for when I am feeling stressed, tired or overall dry. The whole thing behind it is that its “makeup prep”, getting your skin ready for the perfect makeup application. Bonus- You can win it today in the giveaway!

Nightime Routine

Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Concentrate(R800)

This is a product that took me a little time to get into, but once I got into it, I could not put it down. This nightly micro-peel concentrate helps to accelerate surface skin cell turnover to reveal fresher, newly radiant skin, while visibly evening skin tone and refining the feel of rough texture over time. Therefore, the reason I enjoy is so much is that I have little bumps on the skin (called milia) which require daily exfoliation in order to keep under control. I am lazy so I do not always exfoliate, but this is where this product comes in. I use it at night over my toner and because it has quinoa husk in it, it gently exfoliated my skin over night for me! It is a little sticky on the texture, so it takes a while to get used to it. I noticed a huge difference in my skins texture, which is a lot softer and refined now, and it really helps to keep my milia under control.

Always On Skincare

Urban Decay B6 Complexion Spray(R450)

I took 36 flights last year, and with every flight, this baby came with me(I do have a travel size version of this that I pack in my carry-on, and this full sized one goes into my luggage). Airplanes can be incredibly cold and therefore drying for your skin, so this little guy helps me to keep hydrated when I am mid-flight. Spritz B6 Prep Priming Spray on any time of day to hydrate, prep and soften your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. You can use it in the morning to prep and “wake up” your skin, during the day to refresh your skin (without messing up your makeup), or at night after cleansing. Versatile enough for people of all ages and skin types and I like to spritz B6 all over my face when I am flying to give my skin that extra boost of vitamins!

Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Cream(R440)

Another “always on” item for me has been the Kiehl’s Creamy Avo Eye Treatment, and I went through two tubs of it last year. I have one in my handbag, one in my car, one in my travel bag and one in my beauty draw. It is just great for that instant jilt of hydration around you eyes, and takes them from looking tired to looking very fresh and “awake”. It is a quick fix for tired and dull eyes so I love it for it instant burst of hydration.

So now for the fun part! I am giving away a Kiehl’s Calendula Face Wash, a Clarisonic Mia 2 and a Rehab Hot Springs Hydrating Gel! To enter comment on this post and tell me what your favorite skin care product of 2017 was- it can be anything, I am just interested to hear!:) The competition will run until 18th of February 2018 and a winner will be randomly drawn and emailed the day after. Only open to residents of South Africa. Terms and Conditions apply.

62 thoughts on “My Most Used Skincare Products of 2017+A Giveaway{CLOSED}”

  1. I’ve started using the Neutrogena Even and Tone skin range and I’ve seen the difference. Those have been my favourite beauty products of 2017 🙂

  2. What an amazing giveaway. The standout product for me in 2017 was a super simple one (and drugstore!) – Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel. I have combo skin and since I was trying to save money, I had to start looking at more affordable skincare options and this was it! I googled some reviews and all I saw was praise, so in the basket it went. Needless to say, what a winner.

  3. Your products sound amazing. I have only tried the Vichy product and love it too.
    My product for 2017 is definately the Clarins Double Serum

  4. My fave product for 2017 is Gatineau Aquamemory Hydration Cream Mask – go to sleep with it on and wake up so so lush and hydrated! EASY!

  5. I have just found your blog, and I like the fact that you are honest, open and home grown South African, this is the third blog of yours I am reading today and love it, thank you. Please keep me in the Give-away, My favourite product so far that I have used is the Lab Series Max LS face creme with V lift (I’m 38 and being a landscaper for years has taken it out of my skin, my second favourite is the Kiehl’s face fuel wash, but I haven’t tried much else and started a month ago on my regimen (that Clarisonic face brush looks like heaven). Thank you:)

  6. My favorite skincare product for 2017 has to the Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate!! Nothing makes my skin look so awesome

  7. I recently discovered the Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser- it has lactic acid so it gently exfoliates, and it made a huge difference to my skin. Also: Lamelle RA cream, and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic (but super expensive :()

  8. Great giveaway! Uhm for me it would have to be the Vase line intensive care/advanced repair lotion it is moisturising without being wet or sticky. I haven’t tried anything new for my face as yet I am too scared.

  9. My favourite skin care product has definitely been sunscreen!! I think it is SO underrated especially in the black community because we think we are invincible against the sun! But like you say, prevention is better than cure! Struggled with dark spots & 1 of the reasons they got better was because I wore sunscreen every single day to prevent further damage & protect myself from the UV rays.
    Coupled with African Black Soap & the tea tree serum from Corium skincare, a local brand, my skin has been POPPING 💃🏾

  10. OMG! I have always wanted to try the Kiehl’s Calendula Face Wash, I have been using the African black soap (from the taxi rank) for a while now and it made such a great difference in my skin in 2017. (best product I have ever tried).

  11. My favourite skincare product has been The Neutrogena HydroBoost gel cleanser. It’s by far the most affordable cleanser I’ve used that’s effective. Not drying and keeps the breakouts at bay 😍

  12. I really loved the Cetaphil Derma Control range, that is the foam face wash and moisturizing face cream. It’s perfect for combination to oily skin types who are prone to acne. They’re both gentle on the face and leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy!

  13. As a student who spends a lot of time in my books I unfortunately sometimes neglect my skincare, I tried out the L’Oréal charcoal clay face mask and its amazing. Its the perfect quick treat for my large pores and whenever my skin needs a little love, I use it and find that it improves my complexion almost instantly! I also love how high end it feels yet it’s really affordable which fits right into my student budget 🙂

  14. My favorite product was definitely the Eucerin active concentrate as well as the DermoPurifyer active night care cream, it really helped even out my skin and reduce the size of my pores.

  15. Lovely post. I’m in my late 20s and also decided to amp up my skincare routine. After days and days (literally) of research I found the perfect routine for my specific concerns as well as preventing the signs of ageing in the future. My absolute favourite products ( sorry I had to choose 2) are the Retinoid serum from The ordinary and the AHA/BHA peel also from the ordinary. Both have been amazing at improving my skin texture and helped with old acne scars.

  16. My Favourite skincare product :
    Eucerin Anti-Age Elasticity Filler Facial Oil
    A absolutely wonderful product it helps to keep the skin firmer, reduces fine lines beneath eyes and mouth area, keeps my skin smooth and firm and gives it a radiant appearance its a excellent investment for my skin.

    Love this review it was inspiring interesting enlightening and informative thank you.

  17. My fave product of 2017 was definitely Glossier’s balm dotcom. I have a tube EVERYWHERE, in every bag, at work and at home, all over the place! Love it. 🤞

  18. This year I discovered Deciem’s The Ordinary range. My skin is loving it and slowly but surely improving, especially the dark marks which are slowly fading. I’ve also been eyeing out the Clarisonic but need to save up for that purchase.

  19. I have a tie for my favorite products, I simply cannot pick one! Firstly, the Eucerin Active Concentrate. It has almost completely eliminated breakouts and got rid of all my skin texture. Secondly, the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks. I have never used a product that gives the skin such intense and long lasting hydration!

  20. My favorite product of 2017 has got to be the Kiehls spot and blemish corrector. It’s the only product that I’ve purchased over and over again since I found out about it.

  21. Kiehls midnight recovery eye! I suffered with extremely dark circles and within a month it has DRASTICALLY lightened. Can’t go without it

  22. I’ve always been lucky and had great skin but last year took an ugly turn. I suffered from constant breakouts especially around my mouth and chin and suddenly had to start following a skin care regimen. After giving plenty products a try with no results, I finally tried Environs sebuwash and the rest of of the range which goes along with it. Needless to say it has become a staple and I use it every single day! It’s affordable and so effective. It also leaves my skin feeling so fresh. I also LOVE the Vitamin C glow revealing peel from the body shop. It’s the orange bottle. Its great for using twice a week to give your skin a great glow xx

  23. I’ve always had naturally good skin but as a entered my 20s I began suffering with acne. I find Johnsons products to work best because I also battle with eczema so my skin is sensitive. Johnsons is the most sensitive but also effective at ridding my skin of impurities.

  24. I like pure Argan oil heated up and rubbed in and the night cream applied after, would love to try the urban decay rehab hydration hot spring gel

  25. Dermalogica PreCleanse was a fave!!! I felt like I was at a spa when i used it, the fragrance is soothing and the effectiveness of the product can’t be disputed. Also, my Aloe Unique 2 in 1 Light Every Day Facial Lotion is lovely! Soothing and light, easily absorbed, love it. Reasonably priced too! Xxx

  26. Mine for 2017 was the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronsied Recovery Complex II serum. I love facial serums applied at night because my skin looks great in the morning!

  27. My favourite skincare product was the reformulated Clarins double serum. Absolutely love it. Also, how do you manage 3 litres of water? I would be visiting the bathroom every five minutes 😉

  28. Good day. I love my scincare produce BioNike ( 3 bottel range) . I have alot of problems with acne but BioNike helps alot. I could see a difference in my skin within 3 days of using it… Love the range!!!😍

  29. My favourite skin care product for 2017 was the dermalogica clear start all over toner. Yes, it was designed for teens but considering I still get breakouts like a teenager, this product does the best job in clearing my skin and reviving too.

  30. My favourite skin care product of 2017 was my Glam Glow Volcasmic moisturiser. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated and keeps it looking matte all day

  31. Eeeek!! I’m almost to late to enter!

    My favorite skin product of 2017 was definitely the African Extracts Purifying moisturizer. It’s super moisturizing without leaving my skin feeling greasy, which is perfect for me. To be honest, my skin care regime was never really a priority but I will be changing that this year! Hopefully with a kickstart from this awesome prize 😃

  32. My favorite skin care product is the Estee Lauder advanced night repair. But thanks for the great read will definitely try some of the products you recommended!!

  33. My favourite beauty product of the year is Garniers Micellular water. Its such a simple product that has so many uses. It’s perfect to take off makeup, cleanse your face and just keep it clean of impurities. It’s also so affordable that it’s accessible to everyone. Would love to up my game with these incredible products you mentioned in this article! Love the blog x

  34. My go to for 2017 was steaming my face once a week and then exfoliating with bicarbonate of soda! I wash my face with Johnson’s baby soap as it doesn’t leave it too dry and I spray my face with rose water after and then apply a drop of olive oil! Affordable and effective 😍

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