Just as I did last year, today I am recapping my favourite make-up products of 2015. This year you might see a bit of a change on the blog as I will be shifting a little bit away from beauty posts and focusing more on the fashion and lifestyle part of things, but while I am still at it I decided I need to round up my favourites. Most of these products are not new to the blog, and I have mentioned them in monthly favourites before and done a review here and there. Todays post is solely focused on make-up but a skincare, body and hair posts are coming up this week! 🙂

Best Eyeshadow- “The Nudes” palette by Maybelline

the nudes maybelline

While I do consider myself to be a bit of a make-up junkie, I don’t often experiment with my make-up. I always stick to neutral tones for my eyes, and while I play around with different looks at home, I always end up using the same look when I go out (something that I need to work on this year). So it’s no surprise that my favourite eye shadow palette of the year is a nude one. It’s even called “The Nudes” and it is by Maybelline. It contains a total of 12 neutral colours, ranging from matte to shimmer and it is versatile enough to create a day look and a night look (excuse if it looks messy, I did try cleaning it up best as I could ;)). The colour pay-off is great and the shades stay on all day long which is all that you could really ask from a palette.

the nudes maybelline

The only sad thing is- it is not yet available in South Africa! I almost didn’t include it for that reason but it was my favourite so I had to. I bought it while travelling overseas and it was really cheap for such good quality- I think it was around R150. International beauty bloggers are torn on this palette but I am definitely on the positive side- this is a great palette with an even greater price tag!

Best Foundation- Clarins True Radiance

clarins true radiance

I don’t know how many times I’ve already written about this foundation but honestly, I can’t rave enough about it! The Clarins True Radiance foundation was my ultimate favourite in 2015 and I am about to run out of it which makes me very sad! It is a very light-weight foundation which gives you that inner glow all while still providing coverage. It lasts the whole day (I even found it to last more than the Clarins Everlasting+ Foundation) and this whole tube lasted me almost 8 months. Such a great investment if you are looking for a new foundation in 2016!

Best Highlighter- MAC Soft and Gentle

mac soft and gentle

Another product that has made many appearances on the blog is the MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter. I have tried many other highlighters this year, and while many of them were good, nothing measured up to this baby. It is great for the strobbing trend, and something I just like to use to add a bit of light to my skin. Its shimmer is subtle but pigmented, and it is just the right mix of gold and silver.

Best Eye Products


Eyeliner- CK Liquid Liner


I had a real struggle picking out my favourite eyeliner for the year, because to be honest, there were a few. The L’Oreal So Couture liner still stayed a favourite this year, and the BlackBuster version of it was even better than the original. The MAC Fluid Line Liner was also a goodie, but ultimately I found myself reaching for the Calvin Klein Eyeliner more and more. As you might notice I only use liquid liners, because I find them the easiest to use and most convenient. This liner has a great, sharp tip which makes application a breeze and its long lasting and doesn’t lose its “black-ness” over the course of the day. A really fab product.

Mascara- Lancôme Volume-A-Porter


Mascaras were another difficult one for me, because there were so many that I used and I loved in 2015. My favourite however has to be the Lancôme Hypnose Volume-A-Porter mascara which I reviewed over here. Actually all of Lancôme’s mascaras are pretty great, and for me they are the winner in the luxury mascara category. If you are looking for something a little bit more budget friendly, I loved the Miss Manga mascara by L’Oreal.

Eyebrows- Benefit Gimme Brow


On the eyebrow front, there was one clear winner this year, the Gimme Brow by Benefit. To be honest I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, because its brush is quite tiny, and I was used to a big fluffy one from Bobbi Brown. That small brush however turned out to be perfect, because while I do have to brush my upper brow a few times, towards the end of it, the small brush is the perfect size to brush the brow without leaving any tinted gel on the skin (which I experienced with the Bobbi Brown one). It is small and compact (which lead to me losing it in my car a few times) and a great product for the brows.

Best Lip Products


On the lippy side of things, 2 products really stood out for me this year. Besides the MAC lipsticks which I use all the time, these 2 products were my favourites. The new launch this year that was on everyones lips was the Revlon HD Lipsticks and Lip-glosses. While the lip gloss didn’t blow me away, I fell in love with the creamy texture and heavenly scent of the lipstick.


The pink shade Peony is my favourite, but I recently also acquired this shade called Dahlia which I am so excited about. They are long lasting, and go on like a dream. The L’Oreal Mega Lip-glosses were my favourites this year with this nude shade called Amen taking the lead. You can check out my review over here.


And that a wrap for 2015 make-up! Have you tired any of these before?


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