Spring is finally in the air down here in South Africa and I couldn’t be more excited! Spring always opens new doors and opportunities and brings with it a sense of hope, so what better way to start this season off than with a new fragrance? A new scent to represent a fresh new beginning was just what I needed this month, so this lovely Giorgio Armani Sky Di Gioia fragrance landed on my desk just in time!

Sky di Gioia Eau de Parfum is a compelling experience transmitted by a vision of beauty and infinite scale that soothes and creates happiness… an image whose appeal never fades the appeal of a sunrise that glows pink above the sea. Giorgio Armani says that he is fascinated by the dawn, with its continuously changing colours and the endless contrasts of light and shade. With this inspiration in mind, the new Sky di Gioia was born, following in the footsteps of its big sister Aqua Di Gioia(another one of my favs!).

The actual juice itself is as airy and as light as it looks in the pink bottle. Sky di Gioia incorporates fruity top notes of lychee and pear and floral middle notes of peony and rose. The fragrance is finished off with subtle bottom notes of white musk and cedar. Overall, a very lovely and very light scent that is perfect for wear in this summer season. Would this be my every-day go-to fragrance? No. However, will this be my summer fragrance of this year? Definitely! Its light enough for every-day wear and not too sweet that you would get sick of it by wearing it often.

It also helps that the scent comes in a pink bottle, as round and smooth as a pebble, the Sky di Gioia fragrance bottle takes its inspiration from the very special palette of a Mediterranean sunrise: a very pale pink shading to light and reflected in the pure glass. The cap adopts a more intense shade of lychee pink. Over all, this is a great fragrance for someone who enjoys a fresh, fruity scent and a love for all things pink!

Sky Di Gioia is available now at select retailers and online(such as Woolworths ) starting from R1185

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