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Happy Friday guys! We are finally at the weekend, yay! Recently I attended a Maybelline press day where we got introduced to all of the fab products that the brand has coming out in the next 6 months. Maybelline is the number one cosmetics brand in South Africa, and with gems like Baby Lips and The Great Lash Mascara, its easy to see why! The beauty lovers will be glad to know that the much-anticipated Baby Skin is hitting South Africa in May, but besides that little gem there are plenty more products to get excited about. I decided to split all the new products into 3 categories- Lips, Eyes and Skin. Todays post is all about the fantastic new lip products that Maybelline has coming out this autumn.

maybelline lipsticks

Fun Fact- Maybelline is a combination of the name Mabel(the brands founder sisters name) and Vaseline. Mabel+Vaseline= Maybelline.

SuperStay 14Hour Megawatt Lipsticks

maybelline megawatt lipstick

Okay I really don’t it like when brands make a claim that a lipsticks stays on super long, because I can never truly test it out- I eat about every 2 hours(I’m a hungry girl okay) so for me I always lose a little bit of that lip color with every meal. I would never be able to not eat for 14 hours, unless I was maybe sleeping so I can’t testify to the fact that the lippie would last 14 hours long. However, it does stick to your lips and won’t let go for as long as you don’t start eating. It has a super light yet rich formula that glides upon application and provides a silky, smooth finish.

Neon Pink

maybelline megawatt neon pink

I am obsessed with this shade! Its super bright and super yummy, and this is not a shade for the faint hearted. I wear this when I’m feeling brave and I would love to wear this shade as I walk across New York City(a girl can dream).

Burst Of Coral


This is more of a summer shade, something that you can rock to the beach and not worry about your lipstick getting smudged. I feel like a nectarine when I wear it, and paired with a tan it looks amazing.


Launch Date And Price- The lipsticks are out now and retail for R134.95

Baby Lips Dr.Rescue


Oh Baby Lips. What a world-wide phenomenon they are. When they first hit South Africa, everyone went made for them and so did I. Last year the Electro Range was introduced which I reviewed here, and in April, just in time for winter, the Dr.Rescue range is launching at the stores. Whats the difference with these Dr.Rescue ones you may ask? Well with the added Shea Butter and Minty Eucalypts formula, these lip balms not only feel dreamy on your lips, but they also help soothe them. I don’t know about you but my lips get very dry in winter, so the Dr.Rescue lip balms help with chapped lips. I have been testing out 3 shades(Too Cool which is pigment free,Berry Soft which is a light red, and Soothing Sorbet), and I have gotten addicted to the Soothing Sorbet one! They all have a pleasant Mint scent to them, and at 29 bucks a pop, you can get all of them to keep your lips hydrated this coming winter.

Launch Date And Price- These are launching in April and will retail for just under R30

Colour Sensational Creamy Mattes 


I have a love for matte lipsticks, it’s not a joke. Maybelline has created an amazing formula for their lipsticks which I am just loving! These Creamy Matte lipsticks have such a soft texture and yet finish off with the perfect matte. There are 7 shades in the collection, and I tested out 3 of them.

Mat 7

maybelline creamy mattes

This is probably my most favorite nude, ever! It has a pink undertone which is perfect for girls with a little bit of tan, and it doesn’t make me look hungry like many other nude lipsticks do, it makes me look all soft and pretty. Its such gorgeous shade, one I would recommend for everyone to have. The lasting power is a couple of hours depending on what you do, and they don’t dry your lips out at all, which I found to be great.

Mat 6

maybelline creamy mattes

Look at this baby- isn’t it going to be gorgeous for winter? This is a deep wine red perfect for those cozy winter evening at home. Just kidding, this shade needs a night out with a faux fur to match!

Mat 5


This is very similar to the previous shade, with this one being a little bit more on the red side of things. I would still prefer the Mat 6, but if you have the option of getting both then do it!

Launch Date And Price- These guys are launching in April and will go for R114.95

What do you guys think about these lip products? Whether you are looking for bold colour, a lip balm or a matte shade Maybelline has you covered this winter!


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