I must be honest, I am not a huge drinker at all, but there is something about a Mojito that gets me every time! That and a Cosmo, are probably the only two cocktails I like to drink, but since I am pretty much always the designated driver, I order virgins (non-alcoholic version of the beverage). I find that virgin cocktails are just as delicious (if not better), and I love all different kinds of Mojitos- couple of years ago in Moscow I had a Strawberry Mojito, which was just divine! Just in time for summer, The Body Shop has released a fresh and delicious limited edition collection- The Virgin Mojito!


This line is incredibly refreshing just like a glass of a Virgin Mojito in the summer! Steve bartended in London in his gap year, so when I told him I was going to take photos of this line, he made me a Virgin Mojito for the pictures (which I drank the second I finished taking the photos). The Virgin Mojito is a yummy serving of fresh limes and cooling mint and the range consists of 5 products- The Body Butter, Shower Gel, Body Splash, Body Sorbet and Body Scrub. I have here two of the products which I am serving you with today 😉

The Virgin Mojito Body Scrub(R150)


How zesty does this scrub look? This is the perfect body scrub for the summer season, to keep your skin looking smooth and smelling fresh. Even though the granules look quite big in the jar, they are very soft and melt away after you lightly scrub your skin with them. It is not rough on your skin at all, so if you are looking for a gentle body scrub this season, this is a winner! The scent across the whole range is the same- it is a very fresh, very limey summer concoction.

body shop virgin mojito

The Virgin Mojito Body Butter(R160)


I think many of us own at least one of The Body Shops Body Butters (or 10), and if you are a fan of it, you will be happy to hear that the creamy formula of the Body Butter is preserved in this scent. It rubs in smoothly into your skin and keeps it hydrated for the whole day, plus it smells delicious and fresh! Its non-greasy, which means you, can wear it anywhere you want to, and with this recent heat wave and drought in Johannesburg, this is my choice of body moisturizer!


Another interesting product in the line is the Body Splash(R140), which is a light mist that you can hydrate your body with this season. Imagine getting home from the beach and feeling a little bit hot, and spraying a little bit of this zesty fragrance to refresh yourself?


Overall I think this is such a fun and light summer scent, and if I were you I would invest in at least one product from this range! Keep in mind that this is a limited edition collection and it wont be around forever, so grab some for your summer vacation, or save it for winter when you want to reminisce about the summer days!:) This range is at all The Body Shops stores now and you can check it out online over here.

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  1. I’m using the body butter at the moment, and I love it! Will have to stock up though with the whole limited edition malarkey 🙁 (I’m still depressed that I can’t find papaya anything at The Body Shop anymore. Ultimate fave scent from them!)

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