When it comes to skincare, I am a firm believer that it’s something that you need to invest in, and carry on using continuously. I am religious about my skin-care routine (I double cleanse, tone, and moisturize) and as with most dedicated skin-care routines it takes a while to see the results. At least a month is required with most products to be sure if it’s the right product for you, and I am all about the results. However every now and again my skin decides to go on a rampage even though I am still using the same products, and I need a quick “boost” for it. Here are a few new skincare launches that I have really been enjoying – some work overnight (literally), some require some patience, but these products have left me impressed over the past few months.


Pleas note, what works on my skin might not work for yours. These are just my personal opinions about these products, and how they worked for me.

Elizabeth Arden Superstar Skin Renewal Booster(R720)


This has been a recent favorite of mine, ever since I got it back in August. This is the first product that I use in the morning because it works holistically to restore the healthy look of your skin’s essential surface layer, fortifying its natural ability to repair and renew. Think of it as the primer for your skincare! Used before a serum and/or moisturizer it boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products. But why the need for it? Well the reason as to why I like it, is that I can see an immediate change in my skin. When I wake up my skin is usually not looking great (I don’t know why they call it beauty sleep, when you wake up looking like a troll) and almost greyish and dull, so using this Superstart Skin Renewal Booster literally boosts my skin from the get go. I’ve been using it in conjunction with the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate, and I feel like that absorbs into my skin a lot better once the Superstart booster is on. It also has a lovely smell and texture to it, so it’s just a pleasure to use all around.

Kihel’s Precision Lifting And Pore Tightening Concentrate(R895)


Speaking of Kiehl’s (which I can never get enough of!), their latest launch has left me quite impressed, but then again I am always obsessed with their products. The new Precision Lifting And Pore Tightening Concentrate is a serum which restores the skin elasticity for a more toned, uplifting skin. Now you can never actually “close” your pores, but you can shrink them, or in terms of makeup, make them look less visible. I wouldn’t call this an anti-aging product per-se, as it is more aimed at ladies who want to lift their skin, not get rid of wrinkles. I saw a visible result within 2 weeks of using this, and it’s been a great summer substitute for the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for me (I found that MRC too heavy for summer). It has a very light texture and a lavender scent (maybe that also why I like it so much), and I would recommend investing in it if you are between the ages of 25-40, and want to improve your skins firmness and tighten some visible pores.

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep(R450)


Onto the product that literally works over night, and that I now refer to as my “miracle saver”, the Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep. I’ve used a lot of Vichy products before, and I have just run out of my Normaderm cleanser, so whenever I receive any new skincare from them, I immediately give it a go. I used it one night a couple of weeks ago, very absent-mindedly and not expecting it to do anything besides moisturize my skin before bedtime. I noted that the product smelled heavenly and that the pink color and gel texture of it were very nice, but didn’t think twice about it and went to bed. The next day while driving I noted while looking in the mirror how fresh my skin was looking- but I only got a couple of hours sleep?


I was very confused as to what happened and then remembered that I used this cream the night before. The next time I tried it was a night before my outfit shoot, because I wanted to see if it would happen again, and it did! I woke up with fresh and vibrant looking skin, and now anytime I know that I wont be getting enough sleep and my skin will suffer as result, I use this precious little baby. This advanced night treatment helps mimic skin’s key repair activity during the deep sleep period and skin is visibly smoother, more luminous, and rested-looking literally over night. Technically this isn’t a moisturizer, but rather a sleep mask, which is a new idea for the South African market. I say yes, yes, yes to it, because if I can wake up with beautiful skin in the morning even though I had a late night, this is the biggest win for me!

Babor Skin Fluids(R732)


If you have a very dry skin, then listen up, because then this product is for you! Think of this as a little intense booster for your skin, as it comes in a pack of 7 ampule’s, to be used for a week (I have been using it last week with this hectic drought, and have 2 more left). This is the answer for skin that is flaky, uneven and dull. The formula of these ampules works to regenerate the upper layers of the skin while instantly creating a pleasantly smooth look and feel. The innovative Lipid Repair Complex, formulated with ceramides, white lupin and plantain effectively regenerates the lipid matrix and restores the skin’s protective barrier, which is essential for healthy skin. It has really helped to get my skin back on track, and I used this in conjunction with Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Cream to get rid of my dry skin and patches.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate(R780)


And then lastly I am going to leave you with an anti-aging product, and it is one of the first anti-aging products I started using. I feel like my skin is starting to age just a little bit, and when it comes to anit-aging, Lancôme knows their stuff. This innovative formula featuring Génifique’s powerful complex with added biotechnology-derived ingredient is incredible, and acts on 10 key signs of youth including texture, resiliency, elasticity, firmness, sagginess, fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, clarity, and skintone. I’ve just started using it but I am already enjoying the texture of it, and the little dropper applicator-so handy! Keep an eye out for a more in-depth review of this product, but here is hoping that it helps with my crow’s feet and the immerging frown line on my forehead.

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