Its true fellow make-up junkies, the news that we have all been waiting for have been confirmed- Urban Decay is coming to South Africa! It’s not just a rumour and after months of waiting I can finally confirm that this cult brand will finally be hitting our shores! I’ve been keeping this little secret since past July and it has been eating me inside to not share it with you guys. Now all together lets scream “Naked Palettes!”.


Before I tell you about the brand, a little sidenote- if you have been keeping up with the blog, you would have known that 3 months ago I started my first job. I was very vague about it because I couldn’t reveal that the brand I am working for is indeed Urban Decay. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Urban Decay South Africa team and because I work directly on the brand you will not see any Urban Decay products reviews on my blog. I will however share information about pricing, upcoming launches,giveaways and anything that might not require my direct opinion about UD products. My opinion is rather easy to guess- I wouldn’t be working for the brand if I weren’t head over heels about it.


The brand originated in the 90s when colours like pink and peach ruled the beauty industry. The creator of the brand, Wende Zomnir wanted to add a little color to the rather bland cosmetics industry and that’s when she found herself mixing nail polishes in her California condo. Right there, Urban Decay was born, and its first tagline was “Does Pink Make You Puke?” The brand has stayed true to its roots since then and is known for its punchy colors and unapologetic approach to the sometimes tame beauty industry. I love that the brands motto is “Beauty With An Edge”- that resonates with me on all levels!


Urban Decay is very well known for the cult product that is the Naked Palette. To this day, there are 4 of them, the latest launch being the Naked Smoky. Besides the palettes, the brand dominates in the eye category with its mono eye shadows, 24/7 eyeliners and the world famous eye shadow priming potion.


Ultra Definition Skin is also a big focus for the brand, with Naked Skin Liquid Foundation and 24/7 Concealer emerging strong in the beauty market over the past few years.


The brand is also expanding into eyebrow products more and more and just how cute is this little Brow Box?


I know what you all want to ask me- what will the pricing be like? When is the brand launching? Where? How soon? But I still have so much information and so many photos to share, so let’s leave that for another post shall we?;) All I can say is its launching mid-May and keep an eye out for more, there is a little treat for you coming soon!:)



25 thoughts on “Urban Decay To Launch In South Africa!”

  1. Absolutely freakin gorgeous. My mom bought me a palette in December from Sephora and it’s my prize-possession 😉 I can’t wait to own more. Congrats on representing such an incredible brand and good luck for the launch xox

  2. I can’t believe you’re working for them. That’s so awesome. Can’t wait for all the deets and good luck for your new job. It’s gonna be awesome ?

  3. Congratulations Irina, I thought I missed it on SC as to which brand you were working for, but DAMN this is amazing. I wish you all the best of luck with launching, it is going to be a hectic few months but nothing the fabulous you can’t handle. This is super exciting.

  4. What an absolutely amazing brand to work with, Irina! (I almost thought it was going to be Elf until they dropped off the radar :P) I’m going to have to save up for the launch, because all of it has been on my wishlist for ages!

  5. This is unbelievable! Congrats Irina, may you go from strength to strength in this venture! Thanx for bringing Urban Decay to our shoreline!

  6. DYING!!!
    AND YOU… Amazing girl!
    For the longest time I’ve been wondering why I wasn’t seeing you on my social media and I must have accidentally unfollowed a while back 🙁
    I’m so proud of all your achievements! 🙂 xx

  7. Oh my word…how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing for you to be working with the brand…huge congrats!!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on my first palette and that little brow box.

  8. Congratulations on the job! So excited that I ‘know’ a SA blogger who works for Urban Decay. I hope you will be able to provide us with more details soon, e.g. if they will be offering online ordering for those of us who will not be able to get to the physical store

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE Irina!!! Your pictures are breath taking! I am so excited to try out the primer potion and the naked basics pallet!! Stunning!!! Those single eye shadows also look incredible!!!!!!!

  10. Such awesome news, I’ve been sharing the news with all my girls. Congrats on the new position with Urban Decay! Let us know when the launch is in each city please, and details on how we could attend…

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