Following the exciting announcement about Urban Decay on Tuesday, it’s safe to say that I have been in a “purple” state of mind. The brands signature colour is purple, and ever since I started working for it I have been more and more attracted to the colour. I have already always loved the colour purple, but now it’s gotten to a whole different level- I want purple lipstick, purple shoes, purple clothes, purple everything! When I saw this beautiful Ted Baker dress on sale at Stuttafords, I had to have it (this is always the case for me and sales!).



I’m finding myself more and more attracted to clothing that I know I can “utilise” twice. I’ve sort of stepped away from things that I can only wear once or only out (miniskirts, party dresses) and gone towards “multi useful” items such as this dress. I have already worn it to work a few times, as well as out for dinner and a friend’s party. I think that the floral print is rather winter-y but dressed up with some pretty sandals and a bright lip it makes for a great summer outfit too! I also think a dress like this would look great in winter with some tights, ankle boots and a leather jacket.


Are you excited about Urban Decay coming to the country? Judging by my purple state of mind, I totally am! 🙂 Also how pretty is this bougainvillea flower wall?

Dress- Ted Baker(on sale)

Shoes-Christian Louboutin

Bracelets- Lovisa





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