Too much Vice is never enough– a saying that I have found to be too true in the past few weeks. Everyone that knows me knows that I am very much a lipstick girl, so much so that someone recently said to me that they almost didn’t recognize me without my bright lipstick. It’s true, I am utterly obsessed with all things lip, and even when I don’t wear any eye make-up, I still always have my lipstick. When I found out that Urban Decay was launching 100 new lipstick shades, I knew that I had to get my hands on ALL of them.


Getting all 100 shades might take me some time, but since the opening I have already acquired 10. Just because you work near a brand does not make you immune to it let me tell you that, so I found myself buying lipstick on the opening day. Call me crazy, but nothing comes between me and my lipsticks. Today I thought that I would share8 of the lipsticks with you (I had 10 planned but the swatches just didn’t come out as nice on Disturbed and Heroine), and show you how they look on. I wouldn’t call them My Top 10 favourites as such (because I do not share my direct opinion on the brand ;)) but let’s just say that if I got these 10 shades, it wasn’t because it was random 😉


A little bit about the lipsticks in general. The VICE lipstick consists of 120 shades, but 20 of those are online exclusives, so we get 100 of the shades. They come in 6 different finishes- Mega Matte (which is pretty much as matte as you can get), Comfort Matte (a matte that’s on the verge of cream), Cream, Sheer (a very light formula but still with good colour payoff), Sheer Shimmer (a light formula but with a shine to it) and Metallized (which has little bits of glitter in it). The colour range is literally everything from white (which is called Bobby Dazzle) to black (called Perversion) and everything else in between (I had to have a chuckle at the names like Backdoor, Double Team and Tantric).


The VICE lipsticks also come with 50 lip liner shades- 1 per 2 lipsticks. Lip liners are highly recommended to be used with lipsticks to prevent bleeding and allow precision. If you ask in store they will tell you which lip liner is recommended for which shade. One of my favourite things to do when I was looking through all of the VICE lipsticks was to Urban Dictionary their names. Go on, have fun with it- start at Ravenswood and end with Sancho 😉


Also a note on the packaging- it’s a nod to Urban Decays original 1996 lipstick packaging. It’s a shotgun casing so with VICE, you will have a bullet in your handbag 🙂


Now let’s get into the actual shades and how they look on! 🙂

Let’s start with the Nudes

Shade- Brat- I felt like this name really resonated with me, come on 😉


Colour– A warm baby pink that looks very light on the lips, but still leaves a good hint of colour.


Texture- Sheer

Shade- Heartless– not just a Kanye West song ya’ll!


Colour- a true baby pink


Texture– Comfort Matte

Shade- Weirdo


Colour- a pale baby pink that has a very creamy consistency on your lips



Shade- Menace


Colour– a fuchsia colour with a blue undertone


Texture– Comfort Matte

Shade- 714


Colour– A bright red that is very buildable (I am only wearing one light coat in the picture)


Texture– Mega Matte

Shade- Rock Steady


Colour– A deep wine red with a glossy texture


Texture– Cream

Shade- Twitch


Colour– a lavender shade with a blue undertone





Colour- a bright purple


Texture– Mega Matte

So far I have been wearing Pandemonium the most, because I am addicted to all things purple. I am not a huge fan of nudes and pinks, but those 3 shades are really growing on me. I just wanted to swatch these 10 shades for you guys today so you can get to know the VICE lipsticks. The other two that I loved but the swatches didn’t come out as nice, were Disturbed(a very deep brick brown) and Heroine(a navy pink)

What do you think? Is lipstick your VICE?


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