Anyone who reads my blog would know of my love for lipsticks. I had a friend come over to my house the other day, and she was shocked to find out just how many lipsticks I had when she went through my make-up organizer(its close to 200). It is one of my ultimate make-up items, and even if you spot me not wearing much eye makeup or even foundation, you will barely ever spot me without a lipstick on(a bright one at that). With spring almost in full action, I wanted to add some more color to my look, and the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquids as we all the Creamy Matte Lippies just landed on my beauty desk. It’s all about Maybelline, matte and mad color today!


Lets start with the Vivid Matte Liquids collection- something that I really didn’t expect to love nearly as much as I did! You see when it comes to lip products I prefer a set formula and I don’t favor a liquid one. Liquid Lipsticks are usually not my jam at all, and I barely have(or wear) any. However the formula of these babies is a real winner- smooth, velvety and non-drying. The texture of them is questionable, as it still has a pinch of shine to it even after it dries. I wouldn’t say that it’s ultimately matte, at least not with every color. And while usually I prefer matte lipsticks, these might just have me reconsidering my first choice. Lets take a look at the colors up close!


The Vivid Matte Liquids are available in 10 shades, of which here I have 3- Nude Thrills, Electric Pink and Rebel Red(R109 each)

Electric Pink lives up to its name with vivid, bright coloring and a gorgeous pigmentation.


The applicator is easy to use and navigate around the corners of the lips, and the formula just glides onto your lips. With this shade the finish was a semi-matte one, as you can see on the picture when it’s dried. A beautiful shade for a Friday night party!


Nude Thrills is a very warmed tone beige that’s perfect for your every-day wear.


With this shade, the finish wasn’t as matte as I wanted it to be- it was rather velvety with a hint of sheen to it. I still really like it, but if you are looking for an ultimate matte, this might not be for you. If you are looking for something that’s easy on the lips and suits any look, Nude Thrills is your guy.


Rebel Red has to be my favorite of them all- isn’t it just gorgeous?


As I already mentioned, I love the velvet texture of this product, and Rebel Red also dried down to the perfect matte finish that I crave. This is my shade for a gloomy Monday at the office to pick things up! Love!


A second launch from Maybelline is their new Creamy Mattes Lipsticks. I was ready to get all up in their business because of how much I love a true matte texture. Its not that I wad disappointed with it, I just didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. If you are expecting a full-on matte lip in the swatches below, don’t . After all there is a word “Creamy” in the name, so for me they were more on the creamier side of things. Don’t get me wrong the texture is gorg, but I still blot it down a little bit for the perfect matte lip.


Out of the 20 shades that these babies come in, I have 3 for you to check out.

Blushing Pout-a really soft, dusty rose pink.


I’m not a pink kind of gal, but this color works with my complexion and its more matte than the others, so this was a keeper for me.


Mesmerizing Magenta is a bright pink color, and I wish it was as punchy as the Electric Pink for me.


Its neither here nor there with its color and texture, but if you are into fuchsias and magentas, give it a try.


Finally a little Siren in Scarlet, a bright red with orange hints to it.


It’s not as subtle as the Vivid Mattes Rebel Red, so save this one for a night out at the club.


My overall thoughts are that matte is the hottest trend this season and Maybelline is getting it right with certain products. Get the Vivid Matte Liquids a try if you enjoy a semi-matte lip that is still hydrating and of course still liquid.


Give the Creamy Mattes a try if you are not sure about the whole matte trend just yet,as this collection would be like dipping your toes into a huge matte lipstick pool.

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