I am very excited to start a little series on the blog this week, which will go on for the next 4 weeks, that’s all about finding your Ideal Skin with Vichy. I’m sure most of you guys will be familiar with this skin care brand, as it has a large presence in South Africa. Started over 80 years ago, Vichy is one of the top leading brands in skin care, anti-aging and body care, and today I am starting the Ideal Skin series, by sharing my story.

vichy ideal skin

I have always used bits and pieces from Vichy in my skin care routine(the Idelia Eye Contour has been a travel-favourite and their BB cream is everything to me) and two months ago I embarked on a full on Vichy skin care journey. It started with a consult because your skin needs to get analyzed before you jump in and start using a whole bunch of products(always make sure to see a consultant before you purchase anything for the first time!). What I enjoyed about my consult, is that Vichy doesn’t ask only what you dislike about your skin and your concerns. They also want you to write down what you love about your skin, so that can also be enhanced.
My main skin concerns were
Dry patches during the colder months
Lack of hydration and therefore lack of that “glow”
Little bumps called milia on my cheeks
What I love about my skin is
Generally, it is a well-behaved skin.
Its tight and firm, with few signs of aging except the little bit of crows feet.
Lack of pimples except for an occasional break out.


Given my consult, I was “prescribed” some products to embark on a journey to find my Ideal Skin. 2 months later, and I am a convert! I still use Vichy as my main skin care products, which says a lot coming from a beauty blogger who is testing out products all the time. These 5 products have become a constant in my beauty arsenal, and this is my Vichy journey.

Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Step Cleanser– Since one of my concerns is dryness, I was given this cleansing milk to start off with. The beauty of it is that it doesn’t dry out your skin, it hydrates it while cleansing. It has a lovely soft texture and a pleasant scent. While it is supposed to cleanse, and remove your make-up , it can battle with the water-proof mascara, so I recommend using the amazing Vichy make-up remover then(more on that next week!). I love that its very gentle on your skin, and even girls who have super sensitive skin can use it and enjoy it. I use it with my Clarisonic, and it works perfectly hand-in-hand with it to fully cleanse my skin.

vichy normaderm 3 in 1 cleanser
Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser -This was given to me to help out with milia issue, and I didn’t notice how well this product was working for me, until I temporality stopped using it for 2 weeks due to traveling(it was a little big and I thought its something that I can live without for 2 weeks). After a couple of days of not using it, the bumps around my cheeks started reappearing, and then I realized how well the Normaderm Cleanser has been working for me! You can use it to cleanse,to scrub or as a mask, personally I use it daily after the cleansing milk, mainly around my cheek area to help with the bumps. It is like a mini-scrub everyday, but it doesn’t over-polish your skin and dry it out. You can safely use this everyday if you are like me and battle with little bumps all around.

vichy thermal spa water
Therma Spa Water– This is my favorite product from Vichy ever, and as simple as it might sound(it looks and smells just like water), its powers are amazing. This is the signature Vichy product, which is Thermal Spa Water from the hot springs of the town of Vichy in France. It contains 15 rich minerals in it that help sooth, hydrate and nourish the skin. I use this as a toner, and also to set my make up! This bottle is now empty, and it took me just over 2 months to finish it up, after spraying my face twice a day with it. I also travel with the little 50ml one, as it is the perfect thing on the plane to hydrate your skin. Thermal Spa Waters are all the rage right now, but I always go back to this one.


vichy idelia cream
Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream– The Idealia skin care is recommended for anyone and everyone, it is a range designed to fit every woman.It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles if that’s your concern,hydrate you skin, or in my case- illuminate it. I brought this over to Dubai with me, even though it was a little bulky to carry because this is the perfect day cream. I use it before applying my make-up and it radiates my skin and keeps it looking fresh throughout the day.

vichy liftactiv
The final touch in my beauty routine is the LiftActiv Advanced Filler Pure Retinol+ LR2412, which I use as my night cream. It is the first active cosmetics product that I have tried out(it contains the highest percentage of retinol that is available in the over-the-counter products), and I was very cautious of how I started using it. It is recommended for every skin type, but given that this was my first encounter with retinol, I went easy.A little bit goes a long way, and on nights where my skin is feeling particularly sensitive I don’t use it. However it keeps my skin looks tight and plum, so it’s a staple.

My skin is in a really great place right now, and as we gear up for winter, I will include a few more things in my beauty routine, like a serum, a hydration booster and a facial oil. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I take skin care very seriously, and it takes a lot of me to change skin care brands, and once I have I stick to it for a while. These 5 products have become my staples for a great skin, and now I want you to find your Ideal Skin with Vichy! For the next 4 weeks I will be sharing the different ranges and products that I have experienced with Vichy, and every time there will be a treat for you.

vichy ideal skin

This weeks treat is for my Joburg readers(don’t worry CT, your turn is coming too!)- I want you to go to a Vichy counter, and experience your consult, after which you will personally be prescribed products fit for your skin to the value of R1500! Every skin is different and has different concerns, so Vichy wants to help you find your Ideal Skin by giving you products that are tailor-made for you.

For this weeks prize, all you have to do is comment and tell me what your favorite product from Vichy is, or if you haven’t tried out any yet, tell me why you want to start? The competition will run until next week Wednesday, when a new Ideal Skin post comes out, and a new competition starts!

Please make sure you are able to go into your nearest Vichy counter in Johannesburg(time and place will be arranged suitable to you).

Good luck,and lets enjoy this journey together 🙂

25 thoughts on “Find Your Ideal Skin With Vichy Giveaway”

  1. Every time when the season changes I get very horrible skin problems. With Winter slowly sneaking in, I’d really appreciate a skin-analysis / consultation by a pro. Also, I’m willing to try Vichy if it’ll work on black skin too. Please. Please. Please. lol I need this. Xo

  2. I LOVE the Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream!!
    I actually just tried a sample a few weeks ago!!
    Awesome product for hydration and illumination!!

  3. I have used a sample of their BB cream and am seriously contemplating getting a full size, it’s amazing! I would also love to try the Smoothing and Illuminating cream which sounds right up my alley. x

  4. I love the Vichy Capital Soleil Tinted Dry Touch Face Fluid. I love the shade, it works perfectly for me, and the spf 50 is oh so important! I would love to try the LiftActiv Advanced Filler Pure Retinol+ LR2412, I have always wanted to try a retinol product, and I have heard amazing things about this one.

  5. I haven’t used Vichy in years but when I was using their products they were great!! I’d love to try them out again. My skin isnt happy with my current products so maybe Vichy will be a good fit 🙂

  6. Problem areas are my frown lines and dry skin in winter. I am also a serum-junkie. I love that smooth feeling on my face. I read that breaking away from your routine gives your skin a bit of a shock and I would love to try Vichy.

  7. I’m all about the Vichy Normaderm range. The gel cleanser, the gel cleanser that exfoliates (I’m a sucker for these things) and the total mat serum are exactly what I would want to use on a day-to-day basis.
    Also, I have a one year old that doesn’t sleep (but when he does, I don’t) so the Aqualia Thermal Replenishing Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Mask would be heavenly.

  8. Good afternoon Irina

    My aunt is an avid Vichy fan, she is always commenting on how lovely their products are. I have always been a little nervous to try as I have quite a sensitive skin. She has let me sample a little of her Idealia cream and Vichy face wash. I must admit it made my skin feel lovely and feeling fresh 🙂 I have read some of the previous comments and see that quite a few people are using Vichy with sensitive skin without any issues, makes me feel alot more confident that Vichy would be great for me.
    I would absolutely love to try the Vichy range xx

  9. Normaderm iv always had problem skin acne large pores oily. This range of vichy changed all that and I was going to go to the extreme and go on Reacutane. What a blessing I found this range. I highly recommend it Ladies a must have.

  10. I love the Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, I have just started using it (it was a gift ) I found that it gives my skin a glow and there is a tightness that is quite pleasant. Feel totally comfy and fresh. I would love to try some other products too!

  11. I have not tried the products yet but after reading your awesome blog,i need to go and get the Idealia smoothing and illuminating cream as i turned the big 30 and i want my skin to still look youthful,smooth and i want to have a glow like Mrs Universe,lol but seriously with winter around the corner and our joburg dryness i definately need this to hydrate my skin and illuminate wrinkles that might occur with my age now

  12. I am yet to find a range that is affordable, effective and trustworthy. I am concerned about dehydration in my skin, aging, fine lines and can you believe it – breakouts at the age of 34! Would love to try this range to see if it’s what my skin needs!

  13. I have always had great looking skin but as i grew older i have noticed unevenness in my complexion. Apparently its a gene thing, so i have tried everything Clinique, plaacecol, go for monthly facials and still the problem persists. Recently i went to the Red Squa re counter and the consultant said Vichy is the way to go. My on;y concern is the price is steep and i have just paid fortunes on my placecol so will have to wait a while There are no samples to try out, and i am itching to buy them Will be great to win a few products to get my skin back on track.

  14. It has to be the Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, such an amazing product, everyone should try it! <3

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