I don’t know about you, but I love reading more personal posts on my favourite blogs. I like getting to know people and not just what they wear and what beauty products they bought recently. So I thought I’d do a little post about some random things about me. So here it goes…

#1. I was born in Moldova, grew up in Ukraine and moved to South Africa with my family when I was 12.
#2. I have always been a fashion lover, making my mom pick out my outfits for school(when we still lived in the Ukraine) the night before, and throwing tantrums the following day because I was not happy with my choices.
#3 At 1.73 meters, I am the midget of my family. My mom stands 3 cm taller, and my 12 year brother is my height, and he is bound to get even bigger. Needles to say my dad is super tall too- he is over 1.90 meters.
#4.I speak 4 languages, and English is only my third language after Russian and Ukranian(so excuse the occasional spelling mistakes)

Yes I wear glasses too. Recently I switched to contacts, but still love my Vogue glasses.

#5. I am a huge tea drinker and have at least 3 cups a day.
#6 I am obsessed with my cats , Manya and Lisa. Manya is a little wild and does not like photos so I have my fun with Lisa. I also try dress her up but she hates it, so I give up.

Lisa also dressed according to my birthday theme and had some feathers on her(for like 2 min before she took it off).

#7 In Russian , Ira is short for Irina, and is what everyone there calls me. When I moved here, I discovered that most people could not pronounce the R in Ira is hard as it needs to sounds, so now my friends just call me Rina.
#8 My mom is a blogger too. She is incredibly popular and a few of her posts have been published in the Russian version of Cosmopolitan. If you can read Russian check out her blog here.

With my mom on New Years.

#9 I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and we are total polar opposites, but somehow we make it work(most of the time anyway:)

#10 I am allergic to cashews and strawberries which sucks. I still eat the strawberries provided I’ve taken an anti-histamine before hand.

Being naughty and eating my fav dessert- Pavlova.

#11. My favourite movies are Mean Girls and Bridesmaids. They are my feel-good movies and I watch them whenever I feel sad or sick. I also quote them all the time. Say what you will, but Mean Girls had the most awesome quotes ever!

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