Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great weekend- I am mostly studying due to my exams, so I certainly hope your weekend was better than mine! Today it’s time for Manicure Monday! I received these gorgeous Essie shades as a gift from L’Oreal and this was the first time ever I tried out Essie polish. I know it’s a bit shocking seeing as everyone in the beauty industry raves about Essie, but somehow I just never got around to trying Essie out until now. These three gorgeous shades are part of the new Essie winter collection and are called Parka Perfect (the mint green one), Sable Collar (the shiny grey one) and Shearling Darling(a deep red).


I love the story behind each of the shades and how Essie herself was inspired to create them. As you know I hate winter, but Essie makes it sound so desirable I want to believe it! Each shade was inspired by Essie’s experience last winter and it all sounds so dreamy: a holiday in Aspen, skiing of the top of the mountains and a weekend getaway to a country home covered in snow.
1.Parka Perfect


Firstly let me say how absolutely blown away I was by the formula of Essie polishes and the brush. The polish glided on so easily and evenly, I barely even had to clean up my nails after (which never happens as I go through manicure-correcting pens like crazy). I will definitely be buying more of Essie polishes from now on! Now Parka Perfect is a beautiful minty- green shade that was inspired by a gorgeous green forest during the winter. I usually associate pastels with spring, but after reading Essie’s diary I can totally see how this shade fits into winter. The thing that I have also discovered with Essie polishes is that you need at least two coats for maximum outcome. The colour doesn’t look nice after just one coat, but add one more coat and a top-coat and it looks like a dream! The formula of this polish was almost jelly-like and it has little hints of silver sparkle in it if you look at the polish in the sun.

2. Shearling Darling


This is a gorgeous, deep wine red which I have left on my nails now because it describes winter so perfectly. I struggled a little bit with this formula because it gets streaky if you apply the second coat too quickly- you need to wait at least two-three minutes. The colour looks quite a bit darker on the nails compared to what it looks like in the bottle, but I love it. It is perfect for the cold winter months!
3. Sable Collar
I struggle to describe this colour because it is so unique! It has a grey undertone but red shimmer all throughout the polish. I have never seen anything quite like it, and you can see how it shimmers in the close-up. Beautiful formula, and looks perfect after two coats.

There are three more shades in the collection that you can check out online: Warm And Toasty Turtleneck, Mind Your Mittens and Toggle To The Top. All of the shades are now available exclusive to beauty salons like Sorbet and retail for R105 each.

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