elizabeth arden matte lipsticks

Ah, lipsticks. My ultimate favorite beauty product and one that makes my bank account cry ugly,crocodile tears. I just love the feeling of having some lipstick on, especially when I am having a bad day. As Elizabeth Taylor once said – Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together. Because lipstick does solve all problems! And now speaking of another Elizabeth, Arden that is, and the new gorgeous collection of Beautiful Colour Moisturizing Matte Lipsticks.

elizabeth arden matte lipsticks

We all know I can’t resist a matte lipstick- 80% of the lipsticks I buy are matte. I just love the texture of it and the way it looks on the lips- so sexy and so smooth. This was my first time trying out Elizabeth Arden lipsticks, and so far I am liking what I am seeing! The Beautiful Colour Moisturizing Lipsticks come in 8 shades as new matte versions- Nude, Barely There, Rose Petal, Coral Crush, Pink Pucker, Bold Door Red, Raspberry and Chocolate, 6 of which I am reviewing up here today(two were swiped before I got a chance to have a look- this is what happens when people raid my beauty room ;)). There is a great variety in the shades- starting from your basic nude one, down to red and ending with a slab of delicious dark Chocolate.

elizabeth arden matte lipsticks

Lets talk about the packaging how gorgeous? These guys are now front, row and centre on my beauty desk, because they are so pretty to look at. The Elizabeth Arden brand is known for the signature Red Door, and here the design of that Red Door is incorporated in the lipstick tube, except in a gorgeous gold hue. I simply love the design and this will bright up anyones desk and day!

The Texture- Besides the fact that its matte, it promises to be moisturizing. Now from my previous experience with matte lipsticks, I wouldn’t exactly call matte lipsticks moisturizing. In fact a few did dry my lips out previously, so I approached the “moisturizing” fact with a caution here. I was pleasantly surprised as the lipsticks are really smooth and soft on your lips, and yet still leave a matte finish. I didn’t struggle putting them on at all, usually with a matte shade I use a lip brush, because it often feels a little bit dry in the tube. This goes on very easily, straight out of the tube onto the lips. Here are the different swatches.

elizabeth arden matte lipsticks

Nude– True to its name, this is a very subtle shade. Perfect for office and day-to-day wear. I often add a little bit of lipgloss on it for a weekend day out, and it looks great.

elizabeth arden matte lisptick nude
Coral Crush- I struggled a bit to get the colour to show up here but ultimately this is your perfect coral. It’s a dream in summer time with a tan, but I am not sure how it will look on me when I am pale,we will have to find out 🙂

elizabeth arden matte lipstick coral crush
Pink Pucker– This is my favorite shade out of all the lipsticks, because believe it or not I have struggled to find the perfect pink for me. Because I have a darker complexion and dark hair, pink doesn’t always seem right on me. Pink is usually perfect for blondes, and I have bought numerous pink lipsticks but had no luck until this guy. I am wearing it in the photo here when I did the review of the blush, and I love that its subtle and girly. Obsessed!

elizabeth arden matte lipstick pink pucker
Bold Door Red- This was the only shade that disappointed me in the collection, because when I think Bold Door Red, I want that punchy, in-your-face-red. Although this shade is no doubt gorgeous, it fails to impress me when I have it on. However this makes it a great shade to wear to work because it is not so hectic.

elizabeth arden matte lipstick bold door red
Raspberry- I also love berry shades, so this is a winner for me too. It’s well pigmented and super bright, so just a dash of it is enough for a Friday night out.

elizabeth arden matte lipstick raspberry
Chocolate- This is a shade I can’t wait to wear in winter! Its super dark and delicious just like a piece of chocolate, and while I stick to pinks and nudes in the summer time, come winter I only want to wear dark browns and purples.

elizabeth arden matte lipstick chocolate

The Longevity– The lipsticks promise to deliver a 12 hour finish, and while I found that to be of a stretch, most of them did really last a long time. We are talking 8-10 hours with the Chocolate and Raspberry hues. I applied those in the morning before heading off to run errands, and by the time I got back home after 6, the lipstick was still on. Unfortunately with the Nude, Pink Pucker and Coral Crush shades, I didn’t find them to last as long- maybe its because they are so light ,but those shades faded a little bit after I had some food(granted I have food very often). Of course a little re-applying goes a long way with lighter shades, and I would also recommend covering your lips in lip-liner before hand to make the color last.

elizabeth arden matte lipsticks

These guys are launching on the 16th of February and will retail for R220 each, which is a steal for such a great quality(and good looking!) product. My favorite shades are Chocolate and Raspberry because I am a sucker for a deep, matte lip and Pink Pucker for a day out! Give these a look next time you are in the market for a new lippie, these might just be knocking off my other favorite matte lipsticks of the shelf soon…;)

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