Alaia Eau De Parfum

alaia eau de parfum

A few weeks back I visited the Sandton City Centre Court for a personalized fragrance session with the perfume guru Danny Ventura. I thought it was going to be a pretty standard thing, where he would ask me what perfumes I am currently using, what sorts of scents I like, and then recommend something based on those answers. However what I got was a totally different experience! Danny has developed a test (he even worked with a psychologist on it!) that really gives him a good insight of who you are as a person, what you enjoy doing and how you live your life. After the test, he gives you a couple of perfume oils to test out, to really figure out what you like, and only after all of that will he recommend a scent for you. The scent that he suggested for me was on my wish list for a while because as soon as I smelled this fragrance, it was love, love, love. And here it is- the first scent by the legendary designer Azzedine Alaia- Alaia Eau De Parfum.

alaia perfume

The reason as to why it was love at first smell for me with Alaia is that it smells floral and yet still very fresh. It’s a fragrance that could go from day-to-night and season-to-season, so I felt like it would suit my personality perfectly. I didn’t know what notes were in this scent until Danny walked me through it, but based on the notes, I could see why I liked this fragrance so much from the get-go!

alaia eau de parfum

The perfume also has an interesting story to it- the fragrance is inspired by the designer’s memories of his childhood spent in Tunisia, where his grandmother would pour water over hot brick walls. The fragrance opens with a note of Mountain Air, and yes I am serious! That’s what gives it such a fresh opening and almost a cooling effect. The second top note is another one of my favorites- Pink Pepper. I love a spicy composition, but not so spicy that it borders on oriental. The middle notes are also my favorite- Rose, Freesia and Peony (quite similar to the Si notes that I love so much). And the bottom notes are those of Leather and Violet– isn’t it such an interesting combination? I think that’s what gives the fragrance such an edge.

aléa eau de parfum

Lets also have a moment for that bottle! Alaia is well known for his love of laser-cut designs, so his first perfume had to feature that! The bottle is black (my latest obsession when it comes to fragrance bottles) with a rose gold cap on it, and it includes a beautiful laser-cut like design on it.

alaia eau de parfum

It is very intricate and the longer you look, the prettier it gets. Also take a second look at that cap- it was made to look like a spool of thread!

aléa eau de parfum

Overall I am completely besotted with this scent for its interesting composition, beautiful bottle and great lasting power. It is available exclusively to Woolworths and the 30 ml goes for R750, the 50 ml for R1125 and 100 ml for R1600.

aléa eau de parfum


  • Reply Beauty Candy Loves September 17, 2015 at 9:33 am

    I’ve never heard of this brand before! sounds lovely

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Reply Sibahle September 17, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    It was my first time seeing it at Woolworths yesterday and I instantly fell in love with it. It is amazing and you have described it so perfectly!!!

  • Reply Helena September 17, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Wonderful article, Irina! I want to smell and try this perfume already.))

  • Reply Abby September 18, 2015 at 8:54 am

    Sounds like an exquisite fragrance!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

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