Me with a caricature of my self at the event- how awesome?
Last week Tuesday (right before food poisoning decided to rear its ugly head) I attended the launch of the Bobbi Brown “Pretty Powerful” Mascara. The “Pretty Powerful” cause launched last year on the 8th of March (international women’s day) and while the mascara itself is pretty great it is the cause behind it that really shines. All proceeds(yes ALL of them, not just 10% or 20%) from the “Pretty Powerful” mascara go towards a cause(different in each country) that helps women and girls of all ages be who they are by supporting programs that provide them with skills, education and experience to help them overcome previous disadvantages that they have faced. In South Africa the cause is The Heartbeat Foundation.
Onto the actual mascara: 

I have yet to be disappointed in a Bobbi Brown product. I don’t own many products from the brand, but the ones that I have, I love. I always hear my friends(or one friend in particular- I’m looking at you, Alessia) gush about Bobbi Brown, but due to it being a bit expensive I have mostly stayed away from it in the past. This was the first mascara that I tried out from Bobbi Brown.
 The Packaging: 
 Any girl would love this packaging- its pink! The writing on the tube is also very pretty- almost like it was written on with mascara.

The Formula: 
I liked the formula as it isn’t too thin or too thick. It glides onto the lashes beautifully, but for me, two coats are needed to achieve the perfect length. I didn’t need to brush out any clumps and my lashes didn’t stick together. This is great to create an every-day look, and enhance your natural lashes.

The Brush:
To be honest, this is the brush that I prefer in any mascara. I like to think of it as “the original”. I know a lot of brands have come out with some funky brushes, but this is it for me. It is just perfect- not too long, not too short, and not too fluffy. There is nothing I hate more than cleaning up the mascara all around my eye because the brush was so fluffy. The application was easy, smooth and I even managed to put it on while in the car (don’t worry I am not endangering anyone).

The Price: 
R310 at all Bobbi Brown counters at select stores.
The Bottom Line: 
“Pretty Powerful” in all honesty is great mascara.Normally I would twitch at the thought of paying over R300 for mascara ,but knowing that it is for a great cause AND it is great mascara make it all so worth it. If you are looking for a new mascara, this is your prefect choice. Not only will your lashes look super pretty but also, all of your money is going to help another girl/woman.
PS: If you want to learn some pretty eye-make up to get with that mascara, make sure to book a make-up lesson next time you pass a Bobbi Brown counter!

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