So because it is Wednesday and because it is the 10th year anniversary of Mean Girls and doing just an outfit post isn’t enough, I thought that why not do another pink post- this time on my favourite MAC lipsticks! I am obsessed with lipsticks in general and I love MAC ones especially for their vivid colours and lasting power. There are 104 lipsticks in MACs permanent collection and I plan on owning all of them. And no, mom they are not all the “same” colour!
It was hard to pick just three of my favourite pinks! There was one more that didn’t make my cut of which I own(Lovelorn) and there are still three more at which I am looking at getting- Snob, St.Germain and Pink Pearl Pop. So after much deliberation I picked these three as my personal favourites- Pink Plaid, Pink Nouvea and Candy Yum Yum.

1.Pink Nouveau
Finish: Satin
I loved this shade because for me, this is the ultimate pink. It’s soft yet vibrant and stands out without over-powering(like Snob does). It is a colour that can easily be worn to work or a night out with a help of some lip-gloss. The Satin finish is smooth and creamy and the colour goes on nicely without the help of a lip liner or brush.
2.Candy Yum-Yum
Finish: Retro Matte

The ultimate ‘Barbie” pink and a colour that is definitely not for the faint hearted! Candy Yum Yum is one of the most popular shades in MAC Cosmetics history and is a rare gem. I waited months before I finally hunted down my one, and it is usually always sold-out online as well. The colour is extremely bright and has a hint of neon in it even when it is on your lips. It also stains my lips hectically, and people can even tell the next day that I had it on. However it is one of the most gorgeous shades you can ever own. Something like this is a stand-out- believe me people will notice you in a crowd! A colour like this must not be kept at home- it must go out for nights out on the town and let everybody see its beauty. I reserve this for special occasion and special events only. And when I do wear it everybody always ask what it is and how can they get it(two of my friends followed my lead and got it-now we are the Candy Yum Yum trio!)
3. Pink Plaid
Finish : Matte

Because I am obsessed with the matte finish I had to get this too. It is a rather subtle hue compared to the previous two but is just as stunning. It has a neutral blue undertone and is very pretty. It is a colour that you can wear to work or if you wear it for a night out you can go very bold with your eye make-up. The colour is a staple in my make-up bag because it goes with everything! Love it!

Here are the colours swatched with flash(first) and without flash.

Left to Right: Candy Yum Yum, Pink Nouveau, Pink Plaid

What do you think of my favourite pinks? Do you have any favourites from MAC?

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