L’Oreal recently send over two of their newest offering from the So Couture range: the Volume Million Lashes Mascara and the Superliner, both in black. I am always interested in trying out new mascaras and eyeliners so I was excited to give these a go. I don’t wear pencil eyeliner, only gel and felt tip liners. This collection is brand new and is launching in South Africa in July. I was quite impressed by both the mascara and the liner, and these are the only two products I took over with me to Russia for my eye make-up (besides an eye shadow palette obviously).

1.The Volume Million Lashes Mascara
The Volume Million Lashes Mascara is a new re-design from the previous Million Lashes Mascara, the gold-packaged one. This packing is purple with hints of gold in the writing and on the cap and the previous packing was gold and black (click here for the past look). I find the package quite attractive- but then again I love the colour purple. Purple is considered a regal colour and with hints of gold on the packaging, it looks quite demure and well, couture.

The wand was also re-designed. The previous wand was quite big and fluffy- I hate that. When the wands are fluffy the mascara gets all over my eyes and I end up having to clean up so much afterwards. The new wand is a little more compact and is made up of 408 bi-material bristles. The wand was very easy to easy and glided on quite smoothly. One coat is more them enough for everyday wear. As you can see in the picture, this is what my eye looks like before and after applying the mascara. The mascara did get a little bit on the top of the eye, but nothing major. You can build it up for a more drastic, night-time look with another coat or two.

2. Superliner

I love felt tip lines. Due to my very narrow eye-shape, I can only apply liner on the top of my eye, something that I came to know a few years back. I barely even use gel liners because of how precise you have to be with its application. Felt tip liners have because quite big recently, when I started using them a few years back there were only a few brands that offered it (mine was from MAC). I am glad to see more budget-friendly brands come out with these liners.

What can I say, I loved this. The tip of the liner if perfect for application, and while I just draw a small stroke above the eye, you can go all-out with it and create a really loud look. The felt tip is very thin, so you can also create the perfect cat-eye with it. It applied very easily, and was just as easy to remove with some make-up wipes after I was done. 


The “So Couture” collection will be available in South Africa from July at all participating L’Oreal stands. The Volume Million Lashes Mascara retails for R179.95 and the Superliner for R135.95. I would definitely recommend investing in these products!

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