Hello guys! As some of you would know I am currently on holiday in Moscow visiting my parents! I was so happy and glad to get out of chilly South Africa for a while and come visit Moscow. I have been busy settling in and spending time with family and today I thought I would share what I travel in!
It is long flight to Moscow- which every city you fly through you spend at least 15 hours in the air, and anywhere from 4-24 hours in the airport. I can’t understand people who wear heels and short skirts on the plane- even if you are travelling business class, I mean really? I have to be comfy in the air and that is my top priority. However I am not one of those people who think that comfort must now completely take over style and you must wear a tracksuit. I try to find a mix between the two so I usually try and travel in jeans, comfy flat shoes, and a scarf (because I get cold) and a jacket.
These Guess jeans are funky and stylish- I love the zips at the back (and yes they do unzip all the way up). I have never been a fan of these types of shoes opting for pumps rather but these Vans have convinced me! These were a gift from Stuttafords and you should definitely get yourself a pair for everyday wear from there! I paired the jeans with my “Meow” T-shirt and a snood and completed the look with the leather jacket. I was very comfy on my flight and managed to not look like a hobo! 🙂
I will be blogging as much as I can from this side, but of course spending time with my family is my first priority while I’m here. But check in, I have hired my mom as a photographer and we will start taking outfit photos as soon as the weather in Moscow decided to settle down!:)
Until then!
Top- Mr.Price
Jeans- Guess
Shoes- Vans at Stuttafords
Jacket- YDE
Snood- Topshop
Bag- Blackcherry Bags

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