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When was the last time you got a shock (the good kind of course)? That unexpected feeling that takes you by surprise and puts a smile on your face? Be it the shock of an unexpected kind gesture, the shock of realizing how good you look in them jeans, or the shock of smelling something so delicious that you can’t wait to get it all over you! Well if you haven’t yet smelled the latest edition of Black Opium then you are in for a shock- Floral Shock that is! And as a treat- win a Black Opium for yourself on the blog today!

Last month YSL introduced the latest baby to its fragrance franchise- Black Opium Floral Shock. Like a ricochet and an aftershock reverberating through the body, waking up the senses, this scent which is fresh and invigorating hits like a burst of fragrant flowers, cold as morning dew, hard-hitting like that first jolt of espresso when you first wake up. Its sweet, it’s delicious and it’s addictive like never before. Personally I am a big fan of last year’s release, Black Opium Nuit Blanche, but to my surprise, Floral Shock has definitely become my favourite of the 3 Black Opium’s for its juicy scent and for its long lasting factor.

So what’s changed in the fragrance note combination? While it still has the comforting familiarity of the coffee note found in the original Black Opium, Black Opium Floral Shock takes your breath away with a new sweet freshness – of freesia notes, the soft -green citrus of bergamot, and the delicate aroma of sugary pear . The middle notes continue to shock you with the sensuality of the golden gardenia accord and an absolute of orange blossom. Warm, like the sudden intensity of winter sun through the window, it is both loving and sensual. But before you can bask in the heat, the shock of ice-cold espresso coffee accords – the grounding force of the founding member of the Black Opium fragrance family– and the sultry, mysterious note of white musk.

I was surprised by how much I liked it, shocked if you will have it. Floral Shock is very sweet, almost too sweet for my usual fragrance preference. While at first spray you get that initial floral shock, once it settles it blends into a beautiful aroma of an Americano with 2 sugars(if you can picture that in your mind;)). Sweet for my everyday life, but something that I like to treat myself  to on the weekend. The lasting power of this fragrance is strong- it will stay with you from the morning until late at night, and linger on your clothes for a few days after.

The bottle is of course also a decoration to any night stand- the light pink ombre complete with glitter makes it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. If you are a fan of sweet floral fragrances, then you will want Floral Shock to be your new bestie. It is available now at all select retailers and the 90ml retails for R1630.00 and the 50ml is R1245.00.

To celebrate the renovation of the blog, I have one 90ml bottle of the original Black Opium to giveaway! To enter comment on this post with your email details and tell me why you want to win it!




42 thoughts on “YSL Black Opium Floral Shock+A Giveaway!{CLOSED}”

  1. I am looking for a good new summer perfume and this sounds amazing – email cindygaarder at gmail dot com

  2. I’ve never been much of a perfume person but then my boyfriend bought me perfume for my birthday which has lasted me 3 years. but perfume is so expensive for me to buy another bottle so that’s why I’d like to win this 🙂

  3. I like being able to pair my perfume to my outfit in the morning! This one would be just perfect for my collection!

  4. Pick me pick me!!!There is no better feeling than a fabulous treat as YSL Opium to indulge in daily😍

  5. So I received a free sample of the Black Opium in my bridal magazine. After trying it I was absolutely in love with the smell, it’s the first time in years that another fragrance has my attention. I have been using Fantasy (Britney Spears) for the last 10 year. I know that’s a long time but I simply loved it. I never thought that another fragrance would get my attention. But I guess I was wrong! I’m now totally obsessed with the Black opium <3 I saved the sample for my wedding, I smelt amazing the whole say. My husband was mesmerized by the scent. I so badly want this fragrance.

  6. Absolutely love this, well I know there is no real way to get over a long term break up of many years but having some pamper spoils and treats such as Black Opium would help me feel confident and desirable once again 🙂

  7. La Collection in love again by Yves Saint Laurent was the first fragrance that I have invested in when I started in the big bad world called WORK. For me La Collection in love again by Yves Saint Laurent evokes an senses of independence ,achievement as well as me discovering a world of femininity, sophistication and glamour . La Collection in love again by Yves Saint Laurent is symbolic of many of my greatest acquisitions in life . I wore for my first job interview, the day of my drivers license test, on my wedding day .
    Yves Saint Laurent fragrance ,my old faithful has being my side through it all . It has given me the confidence to obtain it all . I can proudly say that the day that I become a mother , YSL Black Optium will be there ! It bring me soo much joy and sensuality on each occasion of use. YSL Black Optium may you continue to make many more memories for the wonderful users.

  8. Always been a fan of YSL and have got to say this is definately one of my favourite scents. Tried it out recently and fell in love. Great that it’s long lasting and not too over-powering.

  9. Hi Irina 😁 Thank you for such a great giveaway! 🎈 I’ve spent the majority of my life collecting perfumes (also spent most of my money 😂) I am obsessed with smelling good because let’s face it, it makes you feel good and automatically makes a person more attractive! That bottle is beautiful and I’m sure the scent even more so! I’ve never owned any YSL perfumes for some strange reason and this would be the perfect opportunity to try this beauty out! 🙏

  10. I would love to win this fragrance I am 2 weeks pregnant with our second bundle & it would be a lovely treat to spoil myself with – I had a sample of it this week with one of my fav magazines & it is delectable- so in love with it but with a pending arrival I don’t have spare cash for new perfume at the moment

  11. Firstly ive always been a fan of your blog and i would love to win one of you competitions. I love Opium i remember my mum use to use Opium when i was younger. Love this one it has a beautiful scent

  12. Just reading your review on this fragrance,wants me to have it right now!! Your description is so thrillingly beautiful…that it makes my mouth water😄and my smelling senses sharpened!I really would love to #win this amazing give away that you are going to bless someone with.Thank you for the opportunity to try my luck to win! Warm regards Marlene.

  13. I don’t own any fragrances as I have been unemployed for the last 2yrs. I am back in the working world now and my 46th Birthday was on Monday 15th May. I would love to smell as sensual and mysterious as this amazing new fragrance. My favourite flower is the Gardenia which is encaptured in the middle notes. I have had a sample of the original Black Opium previously and totally loved it. I will be forever grateful should i win this amazing prize and will treasure the bottle once the unique fragrance is finished.

  14. I absolutely LOVE Black Opium. I got a bottle as a gift and it’s since run out. I would so love to win a new bottle, it’s my favourite scent.

  15. I absolutely love this scent 😍😍😍 I’ve always loved the YSL so it would be awesome if I won😄🤗 great competion!!

  16. I excitedly tried out my sample last week, and the hint of orange blossom fragrance made me feel so confident and attractive! A Perfectly positive start for these Wintry mornings to spray on a lingering, alluring scent. I would Love this YSL Black Opium Floral Shock to become my new Bestie!!

  17. In the words of the great designer himself , ‘ Scent is the brother of breath’
    In the words of me, ‘ I’m still breathing, so please may I have a brother?’
    I started wearing YSL Rive Gauche at seventeen, Opium original in my early twenties, it’s been a long relationship. Thanks Yves , it’s been emotional….

  18. YSL is one of my favorite brands ever, their perfumes are to die for. I would be honored to win this for my mum as a mothers day gift as she is getting into the trend of all these brands and scents.

  19. Ooooh I’d love to have a bottle of this – it sounds shockingly delightful!! I actually don’t like syrupy sweet floral scents, but it sounds as if this one settles and warms to a fragrance right up my alley. Anything with a coffee note and the comparison to a sweet americano (not a sweet american hahahaha) is what I’m after – yes please!!!!

  20. I would love to shock my hubby and knock his socks off with how good I smell 🙂 when you smell amazing, you FEEL amazing! Perfumes are like an elixir for the mind, body and soul

  21. So I bought my first ‘serious’ big name brand perfume as a celebration gift to myself the day I got divorced 20 years ago. YSL Paris… Pure flower heaven in a bottle! And floating through court on that Paris flower carpet, I felt & looked like a million bucks! (ps: looking & smelling divine in front of an errant ex-husband is soooo good) I fell in love with Yves that day & it’s been my signature perfume since then. But.. I love the way you describe Black Opium Floral Shock…& I think I could be in heaven again…:-) Thanks xx

  22. I would LOVE to win this perfume! I had a baby boy in June last year, and we are about to come to the end of our breastfeeding journey. For the past year I haven’t worn perfume as he gets really fussy if I smell any different, weird child. I cannot wait to smell all lovely and womanly again! I am sure with this I will be a yummy mummy!

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