It’s officially summer on our side of the world, and I am patiently waiting for this Joburg heat wave to end! It has been hot, hot, hot and the only way to spend the last couple of weeks has been by the pool. Painting my nails myself is something that I have only recently come to enjoy and that’s partly because I discovered my favourite nail polish brand, Essie. The Essie Summer 2015 Collection is bursting with colorful and bright colors, and it is just what you need in this weather!


Inspired by endless summer fun, this fresh new palette gets you in the groove with a wardrobe of chic shades. When the temperature rises it’s easy to try a new look, experiment with color, mix it up and play. Its time to get ready and get Pret-A-Surfer! Sunny highlights, a breezy dress and some chic Sunset Sneaks is all that you need to transform yourself into a Peach Side Babe. Will you get whisked away for a Private Weekend on the estate? Or enjoy a simple stroll on the boardwalk? Wherever you go, never miss a chance to indulge in a piece of Saltwater Happy or a scoop of Chillato before the summer melts away!


Onto the individual shades, and I have to say my two favorites are Peach Side Babe and Saltwater Happy!

Private Weekend


When I think of summer I think of a crisp, white shade and it’s exactly what this is. Pristine and pretty, infused with a subtle shimmer, this radiant white is a lovely luxe getaway from the everyday.

Peach Side Babe


I’ve had this color on my toes for the past month, and I just love it! This is a sun-ripe peach shade that tempts every sense with its freshly picked beauty. Perfect for your summer holiday at the beach!



Probably my least favorite of the collection, this is a frozen cream pistachio shade. I like the idea behind it- cold and refreshing, but this color left me a little underwhelmed for a summer collection.



A gorgeous marine blue that just begs to be taken to the beach or the pool! Grab a surfboard and hit the waves in style!

Sunset Sneaks


A vibrant crimson red with a little hint of pink that just reminded me of a gorgeous Johannesburg sunset.

Saltwater Happy


Ah this is my absolute favorite, and look at how gorgeous it is! Soft and inviting, nothing says summer on the ocean more like this sugar-sweet Atlantic blue that stretches on and on! SO gorgeous!


The Essie Summer 2015 collection is available now at select Dis-Chem, Clicks and Foschini stores! Here are some cool nail tutorials with the these summer colors if you are interested in some nail art!:)



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