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I’ve only done a Monthly Favorites post in the past once before, but I am bringing this series back to the blog.A lot of products land across my beauty desk, but there is always 5-6 that I can’t put down, and keep using them over and over, until I actually have to force myself to try something else. So on that note, here is a list of things that I really enjoyed using in July.

Vichy Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil(R290 in store)

vichy cleansing oil


With oils being such a huge trend in the industry right now, I did expect it to make its way down to face washes and cleansers as well. It has, and it’s beautiful. I am all kinds of obsessed with this micellar cleansing oil from Vichy! It smells delicious, feels soft on your face, cleanses your skin and removes ALL make-up. This is a dream product for a lazy girl like me who just wants to get it all done in one go. This is a new release for Vichy and I highly recommend you give this a look next time you are at the shops.

MAC Soft&Gentle(R370 online)

mac soft and gentle

With strobing becoming such a huge trend, I pulled out this baby while overseas to play around with it. I have loved it since I got it way back in February, and I’ve mentioned it before here. It’s the perfect highlighter that is not too gold or too silver, and its beautifully pigmented.I also have the Global Glow shade, but find this one to be much , much better. Might be one of my favorite MAC products of all time.

Clarins True Radiance Foundation(R415 online)

clarins true radiance foundation


I did a review of this foundation here, and its all kinds of amazing. It’s been my favorite to travel with, because it gives you a glow on the days where your skin is looking dull. Add the fact that it also gives you good coverage and you have a winner!

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Ecloision(34) Palette(only available overseas)

chanel ecloision

It took me a while to warm up to this palette, as I first got it as a Christmas gift from my mom. I loved the colors, and I mean its Chanel, what could go wrong? Well on the first few tries the texture didn’t impress me and the pigment wasn’t going onto the brush very well, so I gave up on the palette and put it deep inside the beauty draw. While getting ready for Paris, the palette came back out because I wanted to try all things French to go with my Parisian vibes and it was love at second sight. I tried out a few looks with it, before taking it with me to Russia, and this palette requires some time to play around with, so keep that in mind if you want to purchase it. I really like the neutral colors,the last color is a bit more on the plum side of things and it’s the one I use for the smoky effect. The rose and the beige shades are perfect as base and highlighter, and the only shade that is a disappointing is the gold one. It looks so pretty and sparkly, but in reality it falls of your eyelids. Overall I have really enjoyed this palette, for its travel-friendly size and its pretty colors.

Prada Candy Florale Perfume(only available in store)



I wrote a review on the fragrance here, and this was a firm favorite in July. Delicious, fresh and floral, this is going to stay a favorite for the South African summer too.

Any of my July favorites happen to be your favorites too?

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