Let’s speak about Passione today, or more specifically, Si Passione, the new fragrance launch from Giorgio Armani! I have been obsessed with this fragrance since I first got a whiff of it in March while travelling in London and when one of my friends took hers with when we went to Greece, I knew that I needed to get my hands on it as soon as possible! Well it has finally launched in South Africa, so prepare to be just as in love with it as I am! Si Passione adds a new dimension to Giorgio’s Armani’s feminine fragrance personality-an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit.


I have spoken about the Si franchise a few times on my blog, and to-date it remains a signature fragrance for me. This last summer season I really enjoyed the lighter Si Eau De Toilette a bit more than usual, and I carry a small 30ml bottle of the original Si fragrance in my handbag. This new addition adds a new, fruity touch to the Si family and I am really enjoying exploring this bold scent, which is the equivalent of a red lipstick in a bottle (and if you know me, you know how much I love to rock my red lip and how much confidence it brings me!).

Si Passione is a bright and sensual perfume that emits confidence, seduction and strength. It opens with top notes of pink pepper, pear and the signature black currant that is present amongst all of the Si fragrances. The top notes are finished with a bitter note of grapefruit, which gives the scent, a touch of unexpected freshness. The middle notes are blooming with passion with rose and jasmine taking center stage in Si Passione. Another unexpected note that sneaks up in the middle notes is the pineapple- juicy and sweet. The scent is finished with bottom notes of cedar, vanilla and patchouli, and overall this is a delicious fruity-floral fragrance. I’ve never been a fan of fruity fragrances, but there is just something about the combination of pineapple, pear and black currant in this fragrance that comes together to create a beautiful scent.

The bottle of course also stands out in its fiery and passionate hue. I absolutely love the design of it, and putting this fragrance on in the morning reminds me of my passions. I am very passionate about my work, I am passionate about travel, I am passionate about my friends, and overall I am just passionate about life! This fragrance brings a touch of confidence into me, and there is just something about that red colour that makes me feel like I could take on the world. And what about you, what makes your heart beat passionately?

The fragrance is available across selected retails right now (Edgars, Foschini, Truworths and Woolworths) as well as online and start to retail at R1070 for 30 ml

Images by Reflection9 Photography

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