Fashionable Outings- #BewareOfAngels

200 white balloons, an oyster bar and Tamara Dey serenading you in 3 different rooms. Sounds like heaven? Nope that was just the Beware Of Angels event that I attended last week to reveal Georgia May Jagger as the new face of the Angel by Thierry Mugler perfume. I wrote about the scent and the meaning behind it over here, but in essence the event embodied the perfume- decadent, sweet and a little taste of luxury.
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
Held at The Urban in Sandton, the event was hosted by 4ElementsMedia and as usual they pulled out all the stops. I think everyone in the industry knows by now- if you are lucky to get an invite to an event that 4ElemensMedia is organizing, you better cancel whatever plans you might already have, because their events are spectacular. We arrived at the venue and were greeted by an angel on stilts (as if she wasn’t tall enough already, dam models!) and were magically transported to a Thierry Mugler Angel universe. 
The whole idea behind the event and the perfume is that a woman can be many different things. The Beware Of Angels slogan comes from the idea of a woman that is half angel and half demon. The event was separated into three parts and three different rooms. The first room was filled with blue light and played on the angelic and sweet side of a woman.
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
Doesn’t this look delicious?
 It was portrayed by the candy table filled with desserts and even one of the top notes in the perfume- candy floss! 
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
Tamara Dey sang to us in her angelic voice and as we were all just about settled in this angelic universe, it came time to explore the second room.
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
The second room draped in red and gold décor, played with the carnival idea. A woman can be naughty inside and have the childish spirit in her, just like the second tier of the perfume notes. 
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia

The catering for the event was stunning- Vicky Crease never disappoints and I can see why she is one of the top caters in South Africa. 
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia
Finally for the big reveal we were lead into the third and final room filled with disco balls. The last part of the perfume, the woman that is part devil and is glamorous, sexy and strong. 
We were introduced to the new face of the perfume, the daughter of the former Angel model Jerry Hall, Georgia May. I actually got to meet Georgia last year at an event, and she is fun and sweet and isn’t faced at all by the fact that she is this big celebrity. She is the perfect fit for the Angel brand- her daddy was rocking a stone and her mama was a supermodel? Talk about a half angel ,half demon combination!
Hashtag Fabulous!

Pretending to be Victorias Secret models here
The little touches at the event were also special- from the balloons, to the food, to the photo-booth where your hair lightly moved in the wind (okay it was the fan in front of us, but hey fake it ’til you make it ;)) the organization of the event was perfect. We all walked away with the perfume which is now back to its star-shaped bottle and I have already written about the scent, but here is a quick recap. This perfume is complicated (like a woman ;)) and has sweet top notes of melon, jasmine and candy floss . It then opens up to a much deeper and heaver notes of amber, patchouli and musk. There is some chocolate and caramel in it too, so you can over indulge yourself. It’s incredibly strong and almost overpowering at first, but it smells beautiful on your skin once given a chance to open up. Truly an iconic fragrance and I think every woman should either have Angel or Alien in her beauty cupboard.
The dress code of the event was Eternally Avangarde which is not only very vague, but also very hard to follow! I chose to go with my black crop top with a little lace for the demon part, and a gorgeous, soft, baby-blue beaded skirt for the angel part. Of course the main part of the outfit here was my eye make-up, which everyone commented on during the night. I am not one for huge, dramatic, over-the-top eyes, but with this event I went for it. Lorinda advised me to go all-out with my eyes, and so with the help of some genies over at the MAC counter I did. It’s difficult to show just how dramatic the make-up was on photos, but Jerri tried to capture it over here
 and I was caught by the cameras in this photo.
It was really a fabulous night to remember and thank you again to Lorinda for hosting us!
The Angel by Thierry Mugler perfume is now available at all participating counters, and it retails between R715-R1455. Remember that you can now also get a re-fillable bottle of the scent, which you can refill at “The Source” in select stores such as Stuttafrods for a cheaper price.
Image Source- 4ElementsMedia

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