Have you ever laid your eye on an item of clothing and it that moment just knew that the two of you were meant to be? Well that’s exactly what happened to me and this gorgeous H&M dress when I was in Milan in March! While browsing the gorgeous Piazza del Duomo I quickly popped into the H&M there- standard procedure when it comes to me and shopping overseas. Since we recently got out own H&M store on South African shores I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but when I saw this dress from their Conscious range I was in love! Something about being in Italy and this pattern reminding me of the Italian fashion drew me to the dress, so even with a little bit of a heavy price tag, I decided to get it.



When I brought the dress home I immediately had a picture in my mind on how I wanted to style it. I pictured a big flower crown made out of red roses, because in my mind the blue pattern and the red flower crown looked gorgeous together. I shared my thought with Keagan and not only did she go with me on this, she even made the flower crown (she is a woman of many talents)! We thought that the backdrop of a green garden would work perfectly with the blue and the red, and I adore this look and how the pictures came out.




I’m not totally sure what vibe this final look gives me- Italian Flower queen? Traditional Ukrainian girl? I can’t put my finger on it but I am OBSESSED with this flower crown and this dress. I saved the flower crown and dried it so now it hangs beautifully in my room. The dress has also had a lot of outings because it’s too gorgeous to be sitting at home! As a bonus point it even has pockets to keep me warm and cosy this winter. What do you think, isn’t the dress gorgeous?



Say hi to Keagans’ kitty who also wanted to get into some pics 🙂


Dress- H&M

Flower Crown- Made by Keagan



Photos by Keagan Carlinn




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