human+kindHappy Monday guys! I recently got introduced to a skincare brand called Human+Kind, which hails its way from Ireland, and is available in South African stores as well. I could pick out some products that I wanted to try out, and the Wash Off Facial Cleanser and the BB Cream caught my eye, so I gave these both a go. My skincare routine is quite set, but I do change it up now and again with a cleanser or a moisturizer, and since the Human+Kind Wash Off Facial Cleanser also came with a free face cloth, I was excited to add that into my beauty routine as well.


A little bit of background on this brand- Human+Kind contains no chemicals, colorants’, parabens, perfume, or additives. It is not tested on animals, it is hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin. I have a friend who breaks out in a rash the second she uses anything with perfume or alcohol in it, so if you have a super sensitive skin you have found your new best friend. Fuelled by a mission to challenge the beauty industry’s conditioning that we need product after product for different areas of our skin and different skin types, Human+Kind creates a pared down approach to skincare developing superior, natural formulations, capable of multi-tasking and benefiting skin types of all ages.


Also a quick note on its cute packaging- tell me this wouldn’t catch your eye while browsing at a shop?

The Wash Off Facial Cleanser

human+kind wash off facial cleanser

This cleanser promises to melt away make up and impurities and gently exfoliate your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.The cleanser contains active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Marigold Oil and Canella Asiatica Extract.I found it to have a very creamy texture and it is extremely gentle on the skin. Plus it also removes make-up off quite well as well (I did struggle with waterproof mascara though). It has a very natural scent to it, which is very pleasant especially considering that it has no perfume in it. Your skin feels refreshed after using the cleanser, which I absolutely loved. I tried to use the facial cloth with the cleanser as well but was a little but disappointed with it- I am a lazy girl so I want to cleanse my skin an take off my makeup all in one go, and the make up just stayed on the cloth and stained it, so I gave up on that after a few tries.  For its price of R150 it is a great addition to anyone’s skin care cupboard. They say that the cloth is machine washable too so I am going to give it another try soon!

The BB Cream

human+kind bb cream

My friend Chicara over at Lipgloss Kisses mentioned to me how much she enjoyed this BB cream so I was all ready to get up in its business and start trying it out. I love BB Creams and with so many awesome ingredients in it, I was really looking forward to it. But… turns out I could not use it after all, because unfortunately I got the wrong shade (cries ugly tears). I got the Medium to Dark shade, which would suit me only on my best(tanned) summer days. I was quite sad about it because the BB cream has such a lovely scent to it, and the perfect texture but alas, it was not meant to be. I want to grab the Light to Medium shade next time I am at the shops, because this BB cream is too good to pass up!

Sadly this shade was too dark for me
Sadly this shade was too dark for me

The Human+Kind products are available at a variety of outlets such as Stuttafords, The Wellness Warehouse and online at, and you can check out the full list over here.

4 thoughts on “Human+Kind Skincare”

  1. I love BB Creams. I hope it has SPF because that’s one of the reasons why I favour BB over foundation.. high SPF.. Let us know when you’ve tried it, I’d give it a try if you have a pleasant experience with it.

  2. I have tried this cleanser and it smells great and is so gentle, but it has been giving my whitehead pimples 🙁
    I really had such high hopes for this cleanser, I think it works better for people with less sensitive skin.

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