Lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsticks. Something that I adore and absolutely can’t live without. My lipstick collection is rather vast and is ever growing, so it brings me a lot of joy to add these 3 new babies to my collection. Introducing the new L’Absolu Rouge Lipsticks! Today, 25 years after its creation, L’Absolu Rouge reinvents itself, becoming even more precious, feminine and surprising than ever. Lancôme gave free rein to make-up artist Lisa Eldridge to create 25 new shades, variations of pinks and reds, from the most nude to the most extroverted. All of them have a unique vibration and impact, as well as timeless sophistication and elegance.


L’Absolu Rouge was also reinvented with a variety of textures, two of which will be available in South Africa-cream and matte. After choosing her colour, each woman can now select her favourite finish. For example, a beautiful deep red makes an intense statement in a lovely matte finish and shows off more sophistication in an elegant cream. I received 3 of the lipsticks to try out- 2 Cream and 1 Matte. I liked that I got 3 different colour spectrums- a nude, a pink and a red. What did I think of it? Well my thoughts varied per texture so let’s dig in.

Cream- Suspense


A very creamy nude that goes perfectly with your smoky eye or your every-day wear. I loved the colour and how smoothly it glided onto my lips. The only downside is that the colour doesn’t last too long (I expect my lipsticks to last at least 4 hours). You need to re-apply it every few hours in order to keep the colour in-tact. If you’re a fan of a nude colour that feels comfy on your lips, then give this a go.


Matte- Isabella


Now this is way more my type of shade! I love matte textures and I love red lipstick so Isabella and I are a match made in lipstick heaven! For a matte texture the lipstick still glides on very smoothly and leaves a perfect near-matte finish. The colour is striking and delish, so if you’re a fan of red lippies, you simply need this in your collection!


Cream- Rose Rendez-Vous


Another creamy texture and sadly again not a hit with me. What an is ay, I love my mattes! This is a bright pink (but not that bright that you can’t wear it every day) with a smooth finish.


Another super cute thing about the lipsticks is their packaging. You literally need to “Click The Rose” in order to reveal the colour. You click the rose symbol that’s at the top of the lipstick and it pops out- I had lots of fun playing with it 🙂


L’Absolu Rouge is now available at select Lancôme counters and retails for R399

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