A month ago I turned 26, and of course I am not one to pass up a celebration! Turning 25 was scary and I pretty much had a quarter life crisis- what am I doing with my life? Why haven’t I travelled yet? What career path am I going to take? All of those questions seemed to answer themselves almost the moment I turned 25, so on the other hand turning 26 wasn’t nearly as nerve wrecking. However its still scary- I did so much in the year of being 25 that 26 has a lot to live up to!


When I opened the 25th chapter of my life I was set on a few things- I was going to be successful at my new job and I was going to travel. And I didn’t mean I would just say “Oh I want to travel” and do nothing about it, I really meant it. I meant it so much that I booked my first trip when turning 25 that September (it was going to be Mauritius). I wasn’t going to let 25 be dull- I opened every door that it presented and jumped on every opportunity. Launch a new brand into the country? Sure! Take a weekend trip to Croatia? Why not. Spoil myself ridiculously anytime I got a chance? You bet I did! 25 turned out to be my most meaningful and adventurous year yet and I can’t wait to see what 26 has in store.


I deviated a tiny bit from my usual birthday tradition of wearing dresses and went for a top and skirt combo instead. I spotted this top at Topshop way back in July and had to get it- I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I got it the next day after I saw it and just my luck it was on sale! I’ve seen this top pop up everywhere lately from Forever New to Sissy Boy, so I’m glad I got it nice and early before the trend really came through. I paired it with the black lace skirt from Forever New and some killer heels from Nine West. It was my first birthday at a work place which was of course a bit of a change but hey, that’s what new beginnings are for.



My wish for my 26th chapter of life isn’t ridiculous- I want to carry on travelling as much as I can and I hope to buy my first little home. I’ve loved living and looking after my parents’ house over the past 6 years, but I feel like it’s time to move on and spread my own little wings. Let’s see what 26 has in store for me, shall we?


Top- Topshop

Skirt- Forever New

Shoes- Nine West


Photos by Keagan Kinglsey Carlin


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