I’m just going to come out and say it- I am having a new-found love affair with L’Oreal products. I used L’Oreal ever since I can remember, and so did my mom, so our shopping trips together always included a stop by the L’Oreal counter. Then something went wrong, and I drifted away from using their products, and stopped visiting the counter. But this year, thing are back to normal between L’Oreal and I, because man, have they been killing it this year! From their So Couture collection to the Pure Red lipsticks that I will be talking about more in December, to these amazing new L’Oreal Colour Riche Mono Eye Shadows, my love for the brand is back, and it’s here to stay.

l'oreal mono shadows
I was send 4 of these pretty babies to try out and review for you guys. At first I didn’t think much of them- I am not a huge fan of mono eye shadows, always preferring a palette. The moment I gave these shadows a try, I knew I was wrong. They Colour Riche shadows have the most divine, silk and buttery texture that just glides onto your eyelids. Let’s talk a bit more about each colour, and as to not get you confused let me clarify the names of these shades- the actual name on the packing of the shadows is the texture i.e. Nude, Matte and Lumiere. The actual colour is the number i.e. 206,500 etc.
Nude 206-Little Beige Dress

l'oreal nude mono shadow
This is the perfect shade to go all over your eyelids when you are doing a smokey eye. This shimmery white shade has lots of sparkle in it, so this is just what you need for the holiday season! It also looks great on its own for a day-look when you are running around town. The texture feels like butter on your fingers, and you can really see the shade shine when I took the picture with the flash- pretty, pretty!

l'oreal nude mono shadow
Swatch with flash
l'oreal nude mono shadow
swatch without flash

Matte 100- Noir C’est Noir

l'oreal matte mono shadow
This goes hand-in-hand with Little Beige Dress to create your perfect black smokey eye. This shade is pitch black with a matte texture. Not a hint of sparkle, just plain old good black eye shadow that every girl should have in her beauty arsenal.

Swatch with Flash
Swatch without flash

Lumiere 500- Gold Mania

This is a very pretty shimmery gold shade. I also really love the Lumieres packaging- the pretty wave on the shades almost makes me not want to use it because it’s so much of pretty! But the amazing quality of it makes me want to put it all over my lids. This will look amazing for the party season paired with a stunning dress. Also I think this is a great dupe for the MAC mono shadows, and at half the price-score!

Swatch with flash

Lumiere 502- Quartz Fume

This colour is a little difficult to pinpoint but I am going to go with suede brown because its texture remind me of it (do you have a better name? Tell me in the comments) this is very rich brown with hits of bronze and gold sparkles and shimmers. I used this on its own and it looked amazing! Try and combine it with your other shadows a the prefect brown smokey eye.

Swatch with flash
Swatch without flash

Overall I was impressed with each of these textures and colours. I combined the Little Beige dress with Gold Mania and Quartz Fume for a brown smokey eye recently, and not only did it look awesome, it also stayed put for a goof 5-6 hours. The packing is also very pretty- the little gold around the edges adds luxury and they are not too big, so they fit into my make-up back nicely. Each shadows retails for R99, which to me is a steal considering the prices of other mono shadows on the market! Check them out next time you walk past a L’Oreal counter and fall in love like I did!

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