Today I am sharing with you my last outfit post from Russia. One of the things I like the most about big cities are their lights. It is so beautiful during the night time with all of the street lights and sky scrapper lights shining bright. We don’t really have that feeling in Johannesburg so I wanted to take my photos on a street that had lots of them- Tverskoi Boulevard. 
I was borrowing most of my mom’s clothes because mine were no good for the crazy weather there. I love this faux fur coat and bought a very similar one (although not as fluffy and big) from H&M while there. Luckily it is not very heavy and I could prance around and take some photos 😉
 Excuse the little white marks on the photos- the snowflakes kept falling and ruining my photos!

Although I had a lot of fun doing proper winter fashion I am very happy to be back in the glorious summer and back to taking outfit photos in dresses and sandals! I love summer and wish it would never end! <3
Coat – Borrowed from mom
Leggings- Mango
Bag – Blackcherry Bags
Shoes – Borrowed from mom

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