Its Mothers Day this Sunday, and who doesn’t want to spoil their mommy? I never get to spend the day with my mom since she lives in Russia, but trust me, she sends me lists about what she wants when I come visit in June(something about how she had a long labour with me and I should spoil her ;)). Apparently she only trusts the beauty products that I give her, and she just can’t bring herself to buy anything because I give her the best(that’s how she got me into giving my new La Mer products to her ;)). Nevertheless, I don’t mind it because I love spoiling my mom and Mothers Day is just and extra excuse for spoils if you ask me.


With that in mind, I created a little shopping guide for you guys- especially the guys because I know how frazzled my boyfriend gets when its time to pick out a gift for his mom(he hasn’t picked out a gift for her in 5 years, I took over that duty when we started dating;)). But in case you don’t have a girlfriend who can shop your moms gift for you, or you are simply lost at what to buy, here is a list of a few fun things, ranging from 50 bucks down to 4k(hey she brought you into this world ;))

mothersday1. Scatter Cushion from Woolworths (R199)
If your mom loves decor, this is a winner! A fluffy cushion for winter, yes please!

2.Morgan Taylor Nailpolish(R123 on Spree)

Pretty tips are always a gorgeous sight!I love Morgan Taylor polish, and you can view how it looks in real life here.

3.Yankee Candle(R365 online at the Yankee Candle online store)

This is a wonderful spoil, all year-long. Light it up, run her a bath and tell her how much you love and appreciate that she is your mom.

4.Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick(R695 in store and check it out here)

I LOVE this product, and you will see a full review of it in the next week. It combines a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter all in one, and is a must-have! Plus you can steal it form mom now and again and use it yourself 😛

5.Elizabeth Arden 5 Minute Ceramide Facial(R795 in store and online at Red Square)

Every mom could use a little pamper day and a facial.But just in case she is too busy(you know, running our life and all;)) the 5 Minute Facial at home from Elizabeth Arden is a great substitute. Read my review here, and I gave this to my mom last year after I tried it, and she absolutely loved it.

6.Keep Calm Kitchen Sign(R145 online on Spree)

This is such a cute sign that will look great in any moms kitchen.

7.Ted Baker tote(from R500 at Stuttafords)

Ted Baker is a very classy and feminine brand, and your mom will be the most stylish mom on the playground and in the office with this cute tote!

8.I Love You Mom Mug(R49.95 at Woolworths)

Aw what a cute mug! Why not make mom breakfast in bed and pour the coffee into it? Plus she can take it to work and show off to everyone how much you love her 🙂

9.Vince Camuto Black Booties(R1599 at Edgars)

If you and your mom share a shoe size, it’s a double winner. These are some stylish boots just in time for winter.

10.Tea For One set (R80 at Mr.Price Home)

Again, I am a sucker for tea, so not one shopping list of mine will exclude a tea set. Make your mom or granny tea in bed this Sunday with this cute set.

11.Tifanny&Co Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut(R4650 online at Sunglass Hut)
Ah look how perfect these shades are! Very Breakfast at Tiffanys, and very classy.

12.Giorgio Armani Si EDT(R995 online at Woolworths or in-store)

This is such gorgeous and feminine fragrance(read a full review of it here), which any lady in your life would appreciate.

13.Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meals Book(R320 online at Take A Lot)
If your mom loves to cook and spoils you with home-cooked meals(how I miss that), there is no better guy to teach her some tricks than Jamie.

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