Welcome to November guys! 7 more Mondays left until Christmas(yay!) and we are in the second last month of the year! I only started doing my “Monthly Favorites” posts in August, but it is something I really enjoy doing, because there is always a few products that I reach for more than others every month. Sometimes I don’t get around to doing a post on each single product, so think of these monthly posts as a “Lucky Packet”- you never know what you are going to get! This month it’s skincare, an oil perfume, make-up, a hair product and a candle!


Lets start with my favorite product this month, the Gosh Giant Blush Stick(R135)

gosh giant blush stick

I am a fan of blushes because sometimes I am looking so washed out, and that pop of color really helps. My mom hates them because she thinks that sometimes I am too heavy handed with the color, but hey each to their own. This Giant Blush Stick comes in 6 different colors, of which here I have the perfect neutral called Shy(please excuse the fact that all labeling has come off of it, its because I carried it around it my handbag so much and it scratches against everything). It has a very smooth texture, almost that of a cream blush, and it is so easy to apply! I apply it straight out of the tube and onto my cheeks, and blend it in with my fingers- that’s how easy it is. A couple of times it has also doubled up as a lipstick, so this is a budget friendly winning product!

The swatch of "Shy"
The swatch of “Shy”

Moving onto something on the pricier side, the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate(R700)

kiehl's daily recovery concentrate

This is the little(or big) brother of my holy grail serum, The Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s. I love that product, and use it all the time, so it was rather smart of Kiehl’s to make the day version of that serum too. I apply this in the morning before doing my makeup, and it is like breakfast for your skin! It is enriched with Rose Hip, Sunflower Seed, Canola and Taman Oils, so its basically like taking vitamins for your skin. It helps the skin look instantly fresher and younger, and it takes away that morning fatigue look, that many of us may have(I am not a morning person!). I am super impressed by this product, and don’t worry this little guy will be getting its own post and review on the blog soon!

Another pricey thing on the list this month, but something that I am just obsessed with is the Si Huile De Parfum(R1395).

si oil

By now you should know that Si is one of my favorite fragrances, and even though I have all 3 versions of it(and now 4), I cant get enough! The latest addition is this perfume oil, which smells exactly like the original Si, but now this is the oil version. Why oil you may ask? Oils are known to be the most long-lasting fragrances and a few drops of this heavenly elixir are enough to remain fragrant throughout the day. Placed delicately on the pulse points, where the blood flows close to the surface and warms the skin, Sì Huile de Parfum wraps women in a subtle and persistent trail. Just apply behind the ears, on the nape of the neck, in the hollow of the throat, on the chest, in the crease of the elbow, on the wrists, on the lower back, or behind the knees.

Sì Huile de Parfum is alcohol-free and will not dry the skin. Its vegetable oils (macadamia, sweet almond, argan, musk rose) keep it lithe and deliciously fragrant, providing a feeling of sheer pleasure. The dropper bottle allows a precise application of this precious oil. For an intense fragrance, layer this with your original Si fragrance, or use on its own for a day of smelling delicious:)

The next favorite on my list, is one of the best drugstore mascaras I have ever used, and not surprising, it comes from the Queen Of Mascaras, Maybelline(their Great Lash is still one of my favs).

maybelline great lash mascara

The new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is a goodie, with its curved wand and both outer and inner bristles on it.It gives great volume and “multiples” the lashes to give a delicious, fluffy look to all of them. You can see how much I’ve been using it, with the labeling starting to come off a bit because its had a constant presence in my make-up bag. It does take a little while to dry though, but with its non-clumpy formula that gives you sexy lashes, I think it can be forgiven. It retails for R145, which if you ask me, is a steal for such a great mascara.

maybelline great lash

I barely ever feature hair products(which I should because I use a lot), so when I do, you know I am impressed. I am actually impressed with the whole of the L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino  Range(I will talk more about it this month), but this 10 in 1 Multi-Usage Product is my favorite of the range.

l'oreal professionel vitamino

Usually when I see things like “10 in 1” on the labeling I stay away from them because can 1 product really do the job of 10? Well I don’t know about all 10, but it does the job of at least 4 for me!This is most suitable for colored hair, and since my ombre is the most dry part of my hair, that’s where I use this product the most. It acts as a heat-defence,helps against hair breakage, and tames frizz. I use it a lot for my split ends, because while nothing will actually get rid of them(except a haircut), it helps to minimize the appearance of them. I look forward to trying out this product more and more!:)

bath and body works peach bellini

And my last little bit, which is sadly not available in South Africa, but is so nice that I had to include it, is the Peach Bellini Bath and Body Works candle. I love this brand and I am so sad they have not opened in South Africa yet, because to be honest they kick Yankee Candles bum! This Peach Bellini scent is so summer perfect! It is fresh but not potent and this scent fills up a big room when you burn it. Can we please bring Bath And Body Works here?

Have you tried any of these products yet?:)


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