L’Oreal La Vie En Rose Collection

l'oreal la vie en rose

Its finally Friday, and I have a beautiful post for you today, if I do say so myself 😉 What girl doesn’t love all things pink? Exactly, everyone loves pink (at least some shade of it right?), and L’Oreal knows this, so they have created a collection of beautiful pink lipsticks called La Vie En Rose. Last year I chatted about the Pure Reds collection, which contained red lipsticks for every different skin tone, and now L’Oreal has done it again, but with the pink palette!

l'oreal la vie en rose

The exclusive collection La Vie En Rose wants to offer every woman her tailor made pink. Every shade was inspired by a L’Oreal spokesperson (just like with the Pure Reds), and precisely composed to be a subtle but perfect match with every kind of complexion. All of the pinks are different, starting from your Peach Pink going into a Bright Pink and ending off right at the Magenta Pink. 7 different pinks will be sold in the South African market (J.Lo, Naomi, Blake, Natasha, Eva, Liya and Julianne), of which I have 3 here today- The Naomi, The Eva and The Natasha.

l'oreal la vie en rose

Also before we get into the colors, a quick side note on the amazing texture of these lipsticks. Tailor-made pinks are hard to conceive. 
The hardest is to avoid the chalky and ashy effect 
on one hand when we want to preserve color intensity 
on the other hand. L’Oreal Paris Laboratories have developed a formula infused with micro fragments of mother-of-pearls combined with velvety pigments to design a radiant and intense powdered pink. The finish is ultimately matte, but it leaves your lips feeling smooth and buttered.

The Naomi

l'oreal paris la vie en rose

Probably the subtlest shade out of all of these pinks is the Naomi. A mauve, almost nude pink, it plays the cards of refinement bringing freshness and sophistication to your look. Its very subtle, with just a hint of a pearl pink inside it and will be best suited for the more fair complexions.

l'oreal la vie en rose naomi

The Eva

l'oreal la vie en rose eva

This is a peach pink and it is slightly tinted with yellow, so it better brings out the harness of dark skins and sublimates their complexion through a sunny effect. It will also look gorgeous with a tan (very Eva Longoria), and for me it reminded me of your very typical, “safe-to-wear-to-work” pink. Very pretty indeed.

l'oreal la vie en rose eva

The Natasha

l'oreal la vie en rose natasha

A pink that snaps, it illuminates matt complexions and captures the eye through its ultra vibrant pigments. I think this will suit all skin tones, and will works splendidly for a night out on the town.

l'oreal la vie en rose natasha

This exclusive collection is available now at select Foschini, Clicks, Dis-Chem and Edgars stores and each lipstick retails for R154.95. Visit the counter, play around with the shades and find your perfect pink!

l'oreal la vie en rose

I thought that love was just a word they sang about in songs, I’ve heard it took your kisses to reveal that I was wrong, and love is real.Hold me close and hold me fast the magic spell you cast This is la vie en rose. When you kiss me, heaven sighs and though I close my eyes 
I see La Vie En Rose.When you press me to your heart I’m in a world apart,
 a world where roses bloom C’est elle pour moi,
moi pour elle pour la vie elle me l’a dit l’a juré pour la vie La vie en rose”


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    By far one of my most favourite posts, images are on point!!! Love it!!

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    Magazine quality pics! Love. 🙂

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    The packaging is so pretty.

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    So lovely.. Can’t wait to try especially the JLo one ?

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    Won all seven of them!

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