In case you missed it over on my Instagram(and if you did, please follow me immediately ;)), last month I headed off for a whirlwind trip to London for our #UDAllNighter launch. Going to London for the night sounds crazy, but what perfect way to launch Urban Decays new All Nighter Concealer into the country, right? We came up with this idea last year, when we were brainstorming ideas on where to pull the ultimate All Nighter. An island seemed too done (we did after all do Reunion Island for Naked Heat last year), New York is too far, Paris not vibey enough, but London hit just the right spot. After months of planning our vision came to life as we headed off to London with Virgin Atlantic. I wanted to share my photo diary with you and bits about the trip, so you could follow along the amazing experience that we had!

Why We Did It– Because sometimes, I like to go extra. Why throw a fancy event with champagne and canapés, when you can fly influencers to London and experience the city and the product there? Sometimes you have to go big or go home, so we decided to go big! We collaborated with Virgin Atlantic on this trip, because brand-wise they are the coolest partner to have! I will share my London travel tips and tricks on the blog later this week, including our Virgin experience!

What We Did

Masterclass at Urban Decay Carnaby Street

We started our#UDAllNighter with the ultimate All Nighter Master Class at the Urban Decay Store in Carnaby Street. There is no dispute, Carnaby Street has an iconic heritage. From being the birthplace of Swinging London in the 1960’s, the home of Mods, Skinheads, Punks and New Romantics to the street style tribes of today. Carnaby has and always will be the epicenter of culture and lifestyle in London’s West End.

The UD Boutique there is gorgeous- its double story, with the bottom floor made just for private masterclasses and occasions. We had the entire floor to ourselves while the talented Levi talked us through the make-up routine that will keep your makeup going all day and all night. Even as someone who works in makeup and who deals with makeup every day, I found her tips incredibly insightful and interesting.

Drinks at Tonight Josephine

You guys, this place is just Instagram Heaven! From the moment I saw Tonight Josephine’s Instagram I knew that it would be the perfect place for a drink and a dance. The place is named after the legendary Josephine Bonaparte- wife of Napoleon (I played Josephine in a play once, ha-ha! :)) As Tonight Josephine says, Joséphine knew what she wanted, she made her own rules and did not give a damn what anyone thought. She started as a nobody but with sass, hustle and a little bit of luck, she became the Empress of the French. When she met Napoleon at a party, he was a penniless soldier but she had an eye for talent and seduced him. They were hitched straight away in a hastily pulled together, Vegas-style wedding the night before Napoleon left for battle in Italy.

While Napoleon was off warmongering and womanizing, she grew bored of playing the trophy wife and kept busy by throwing parties and taking a string of famous lovers. She eventually joined Napoleon the night before battle only to have her advances rebuffed by him, “Not Tonight Josephine”.



When they finally split, she left the palace with a shitload of luggage, her entourage and a pet parrot. He still loved her until his death, her name being his very last word. Well-behaved women don’t make history. Cocktails forever.


Tonight Josephine was flippen cool- from the neon signs to the mug-shot celebrities in the bathrooms, to the skittles vodka, we had a fabulous time and didn’t want to leave! If are visiting London, make sure to stop by this place in Waterloo, you won’t be disappointed!

Dinner and party at Trapeze Bar And Basement

Next, we were off to Shoreditch to dine and dance our way in the #UDAllNighter. Set over 2 levels, this cool restaurant and bar is created in the faded circus glamour style, which makes it the perfect party spot! On the ground floor, you will find a creative cocktail list, a yummy menu, and a spectacular party while downstairs every weekend you will find some of the world’s finest DJs on a great sound system! After dinner and bottles of Moet, we danced, we played Prosecco Pong (it’s a thing ya’ll) and we partied the night away!


Slumber party at The Moxy Stratford

I remember back when I was at varsity, my friends and I would end every big jol with a visit to a Mac Donald’s Drive Through and a long PJ party. We would discus the nights events(did you see what she wore? And he hooked up with who?) all while sipping more drinks, but now being comfy in our PJs at home. Well, that’s exactly what we did when we ended our night adventures with a slumber party at The Moxy Hotel!

Think cute matching sleep shirts, games of giant naughts and crosses, fish bowls, balloons and neon lights everywhere! This was the perfect way to end our night after the hectic day and evening that we had.

Seeing a bit of London

We ended our trip on Sunday, exploring and seeing a bit of London (but more on that in a separate post on the blog this week).

Products That We Did It With

All Nighter Travel Duo (R350, available online only from this month)

I don’t know about you, but I love travel sized products for that exact reason- travel! I don’t like going through the trauma of de-canning my creams and such in jars, or worse, de-canning my make-up. This little travel duo is the perfect buddy to take along on a trip to keep you going All Day and All Night. The Quick fix and the All Nighter Sprays are the perfect companions for your travels, that also come in a travel friendly size! Mist yourself with Quick Fix during your flights and set your make-up as you get off the plane with All Nighter Setting Spray.

All Nighter Kit(All Nighter Concealer(R400), All Nighter Setting Spray(R460), All Nighter Pollution Protection Spray(R460), Rebound Prep Spray(R460)).

We got ready to pull our All Nighter, using the All Nighter products, of course! I’m not being biased or anything, but the All Nighter Concealer gives me absolute life! I started using it back in September, and its flawless matte coverage is just what I need in my life. It is hectic coverage so keep in mind that a little goes a long way (I use three dots of it per eye), and it dries quickly so you have to work a section at a time. But if you love full coverage concealers, then this will be your jam. Don’t forget to set it all with All Nighter Setting Spray- the real MVP of the make-up game!

Troublemaker Mascara(R300)

Ready to stir up trouble? We wanted a mascara to outlast even the most scandalous nights. Your new go-to mascara, Troublemaker holds up in hot and heavy situations and still looks good in the morning. Perfect companion for those wild, London nights.

Vice Lipstick Palette(R760, exclusive to Foschini)

The makeup junkie’s go-to for overnighters, Vice Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette features 12 addictive shades from UDs massive lipstick collection (six are new). The perfect lineup to take you from nighttime into the next morning, this limited-edition palette contains six metallized shades and six matte shades—from dark, sultry hues to failsafe neutrals to bold bright. This is also the perfect travel companion to take with you on the Underground, the plane, and anywhere else, this crazy place takes you.

I loved pulling this All Nighter and having my make-up last while doing it! Hope you enjoyed this recap post, and tell me, have you ever pulled an All Nighter?

All Professional Pics take by Leandri Perry


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