So far I am loving being in Sochi- the weather is hot,hot,hot and the beach is a mere 5 minutes away.Some of you may know that Sochi recently hosted the Winter Olympics earlier this year and we are actually staying right next to the Olympic Village! It gets really hot in the day so all you want to do is lie around by the pool or swim at the beach. It is the Black Sea that I am swimming in, and it brings back happy memories-I grew up right by the Back Sea in Odessa.

I am ecstatic that my shorts and summer shoes are finally out of the closet and back in the street! I did wear these high waisted Topshop shorts during the winter as well, paired with tights, but I love that its finally hot and I can wear them like they are meant to be worn- bare legged. The Mickey Mouse top is such a playful one, so I paired it with the shorts for a bit of a sexier look and threw on some heels to finish it off. The red lip and the red Ray bans complete the look!

In other news, my mom has now decided to go into jewellery making. That woman cant sit still for longer than a few weeks- she has written(and published) 4 books, learned French and Italian, went into painting and for a while made beautiful little things out of clay. Now she is into making her own jewellery, and she made this gorgeous black and white bracelet. There are a lot more things coming from her on the blog as she has made me tones of jewellery in every colour imaginable, but if you are keen to see more give it a look and a follow on her Instagram account- its called biju_krasota(that’s Russian for beautiful jewellery)

Hope you have a great Hump Day!
 Top- Mr.Price
Shorts- Topshop
Shoes- Bellini at Stuttafords
Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Bag- Michael Kors

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