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vichy capital soleil

I am giving you a heads up guys- I will be talking sunscreen and sun care quite a bit throughout this hot summer season on the blog. I was always the worst person with putting on my sunscreen- growing up in the Ukraine, the sun was never super harsh, and there was never a culture of using sunscreen, so that word was something I learned only when we moved to South Africa. And for a good reason- the South African sun is harsh on your skin, and you need constant protection from it! Today I am talking the Vichy Capital Soleil range, their new brand ambassador, and a couple of summer friendly products from Vichy that I have been testing out.

vichy capital soleil thando hopa
Vichy has recently announced Thando Hopa as their new brand ambassador. Thando was born with albinism which makes her skin super sensitive to the sun. Thando studied law and was discovered at a mall by Gert-Johan Coetzee and become the face of his SS2012 range and has collaborated with him ever since. Albinism is a genetic condition that affects every 1 in 4000 South Africans, and due to the lack of pigmentation in the skin, makes the skin very sensitive to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Thando is the perfect fit for the Vichy Capital Soleil range and a great advocate for the use of sun protection.

vichy capital soleil thando hopa
The two products that I have been testing out from the Capital Soleil Range are the Tinter Velvety BB Cream and the Hydrating Milk. Let’s start with the one that I am absolutely obsessed with.

vichy capital soleil
The Tinted Velvety BB Cream

vichy bb cream
A BB Cream is basically a tinted moisturizer that gives you slight coverage while treating your skin. The great thing about this BB Cream is that it already has an SPF 50 build into it! It’s perfect for everyone and anyone because you can use it as many things- a primer, a moisturizer or a foundation. I often use it a primer because it preps your skin beautifully for the foundation and gives you a little glow, all while protecting your skin. And on the days where I am happy with my skin and don’t want to use heavy foundation, I put some of this BB cream on, set it with a bit of powder and I am ready to go. A little goes a long way, so just a little blob like in my picture is more than enough to cover your whole face.

vichy bb cream
This is also the perfect product for the beach! Sometimes I feel like I want a bit of coverage and a glow for the beach(fake it ’til you make it), so this is a double whammy protecting your skin and giving you a bit of coverage on the beach. It has a lovely velvety texture, and its scent is quite pleasant although you can sense a bit of that usual “sunblock” smell in it. I can’t get enough of this BB cream, and trust me- give it a try and you will fall in love with it too! It saves you the hassle of mixing your foundation with and SPF, and protecting your skin with a high SPF 50 factor. This shade is called “Natural Tan” and is great for girls with a medium complexion. It retails for R269 for a 40 ml tube and is a great investment for the summer.

The Hydrating Milk

vichy hydrating milk
The Hydrating Milk has an SPF 30 protection in it and it is great for sensitive and dry skins. The product is quite rich, as you see in the picture it also spreads quite a lot. It comes in 100 ml, and even Thando said it lasts her about 1-2 months, and she uses it daily, all over! It’s very handy that you can use it both for face and body, and its water resistant and paraben free. It retails for R400 which is a bit of a stretch, but it is a massive tube and should last you a long time!

vichy hydrating milk

Both these products are in store now and are available at all participating Vichy stands. Remember to put on that suncreen next time you head outside!

vichy capital soleil

vichy capital soleil


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    Looks like an amazing product!
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    Great review!

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