Its no secret that I am obsessed with perfume, and whenever a new bottle lands on my beauty desk I get all excited and giddy about it. The only thing I struggle with, is telling you guys about it- I want to describe the scent as closely as possible, so you can almost imagine it while reading my post. The newest addition to my perfume collection, is the third instalment of the La Vie Est Belle perfumes by Lancome. This was my first taste of the Lancome parfumerie, and so far ,life is beautiful!(which is what La Vie Est Belle means in English :))

la vie est belle l'absolu

So has does this scent differentiate from the other version of La Vie Est Belle? While I found the original La Vie Est Belle to be more of a floral fragrance, the L’Absolu is decadently sweet. It has top notes of pear and praline (yum), middle notes of jasmine,orange blossom and rose(hence the roses in my photos) and a bit of a deeper base notes of cashmere wood and vanilla pod. Its the most feminine smell out of all of the La Vie Est Belles, and while its very delicious and sweet, its a very soft scent.

la vie est belle l'absolu

Longevity of the fragrance is amazing, and the main reason I would recommend investing in it. I’m sure there are similar,sweet scents like this on the market by now, but to date this is one of the very few perfumes that I have tried that stick with me, the WHOLE day. One spray goes a long way, and if you really want the scent to last, give it another spray somewhere on you clothes but not more than that. After two sprays it will get potent, and you will smell like dessert, so a little goes a long way with this fragrance.

julia roberts la vie est belle l'absolu

Julia Roberts is the face of this fragrance, and personally I don’t think Lancome could of found a better fit for the fragrance! The whole essence of the scent is that life is beautiful, filled with endless possibilities and moments of joy, so who better to represent the scent if not Hollywoods’ Million Dollar smile? Julia is exceptionally beautiful and her smile carries the whole campaign through.

la vie est belle l'absolu

I am also a sucker for pretty bottle designs, so this has been a lovely addition to my perfume stand. The bottle of quite heavy, especially for a 40ml, but the whole essence of it, is that you can see a smile – look closely!:) The little bow around its neck is also a lovely addition, and makes the bottle and perfume look and feel luxurious.

La Vie Est Belle retails for R1050 for 40ml, and while the price is heavy, I would buy this for my self. Its sweet and decadent, and the main thing of all-longlasting. Give this a sniff next time you walk past a Lancome counter, and La Vie Est Belle L’Absolu de Parfum is now available at all participating stores.

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