Hi guys! I hope everyone has had a good week and are ready for the weekend- I sure am! I know this past week was a little quiet on the blog but with what felt like a million tests(in reality it was six) and having food poisoning this week I really wasn’t feeling up to blogging. Thank goodness I have a week break now to get my ducks in a row and blog more often!

I am taking part in the Makoya Style Challenge from this week and I am representing Johannesburg! There are three bloggers taking part in the challenge and we all received a pair of shoes with which we now have to create four different outfits around. My shoes are these pretty leopard print babies and I picked the “boyfriend jeans” look for my first post.

I love the boyfriend jeans, and like I have mentioned before, I actually do use my boyfriend’s old jeans that he grew out of long ago. I didn’t see a point going out to the shops and buying a pair when the whole point of the “boyfriend” style is that it looks like you borrowed it from your boyfriend- the jeans are loose, folded at the bottom and are often ripped. Well I borrowed the boyfriends’ pair indeed and would you be able to tell that I didn’t buy them myself? They are so easy to work with and you can wear them to a lunch with the girls or to a night out. And now that you have read the title of the post, don’t you have the ‘NSYNC song stuck in your head ;)?

Hats are huge this winter and I have finally hunted down the one that I have been wanting. Paired with a statement top and a tailored blazer I thought this is a perfect match to the leopard-print wonders. This look is really simple yet stylish (minus the hat, that’s not for the faint hearted) and will look great on anyone.

If you are in South Africa, have an awesome long weekend! Catch you guys next week for the next part of the challenge!:)
Top – Jerri Mokgofe 
Jeans- Boyfriends(originally from Topman)
Hat- Cotton On
Shoes- Guess at Makoya Style
Blazer- Topshop
Bag – Typo

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