It is time for my last post about the magical Zambia that I visited back in June. I got lucky enough to witness the majestic Victoria Falls that were at their 10-year high, spend some time getting to know the Zambian food and culture, and exploring the beautiful AVANI Victoria Falls hotel. If you want to catch up on my previous posts then you can read about why you should stay at AVANI Victoria Falls over here, the food options that AVANI offers over here, and what things there are to do in Zambia over here. Today I wanted to chat a bit about fashion and what I pack for holidays, as well as show you some of the corners of the beautiful AVANI Victoria Falls resort!

I’m lucky that I get to travel quite a bit with my job and on a personal level, but every time before a trip, I sit with the dreaded question- what to pack?! When I first started travelling, I was known to always over-pack and I was the person who would hectically be removing things from her luggage at the check-in counter. I’ve even had to leave some stuff behind before (granted it was boxes of chocolate and not my clothes, but still it was traumatic). Whether I am now heading for a short-trip holiday like Zambia, or a longer one like the one I had in Greece, I have gotten to pro-level status with my packing and I hope that this list helps you pack smarter for your next vacation. This is specifically aimed at a warmer-weather climate (I did a tropical island pack list in my Reunions Island post over here) and I plan to do a colder-weather packing list a little bit later in the year on the blog.

A Kimono

I love to pack a good kimono for the warmer weather climate because it can instantly dress up any outfit. This one is from Zara and I think it is fabulous! I wore it in two different ways when I was in Zambia- relaxed to go for a walk at the Falls, and then a little bit dressed up with a white blouse and black jeans for a dinner in the hotel. Paired with an easy-going jumpsuit the kimono added a little bit of glam to the outfit and shielded me a bit from the wind. Later that evening we were heading out for dinner and I threw it over a black and white outfit to add some colour and some texture to my dinner look. It also perfectly fitted in with the Moroccan style of AVANI, and whether you pair the kimono with sandals or with heels, it adds a nice touch to any outfit (plus its extra protection from the cold wind!)

A relaxed maxi dress

I am obsessed with maxi dresses and often my friends and my family don’t understand why. It’s simple- they are so comfortable, but if you get a fun-print one like this floral frock, you can still look put together! On the days when I really don’t feel like shaving my legs (TMI but its true ;)) I hide them behind a maxi dress like this one: P. For holiday-mode maxi dresses are a must have because they are generally not tight(so they are very comfy), you can wear them to any place, and you can eat as much as you want at the buffet without them pressing into your tummy- it’s a winner in my books ;). It’s exactly what I did in this pink floral number when I headed to the breakfast buffet at the AVANI restaurant.

A trusty pair of black jeans

Any jeans are necessary on a holiday, but the reason I love to pack my trusty black Guess denims, is that they can “smarter” up an outfit the way blue-wash jeans cannot. I pack a pair of black jeans on any given trip because they are comfortable but can look dinner-time ready paired with a pair of black slinky heels like these that I am wearing in this outfit. I normally try to only take two pairs of jeans with me on holiday because you only need two pairs (3 at max, if you are a fan of the white washed jeans).

A beautiful dress that can be worn on a night out or for an afternoon stroll

Okay so I did go extra when it came to dress packing and I packed about five dresses, but in all honestly, you need just one dress that can take you from the hotel to the town with a pair of heels. I really loved this red mid-length dress that Leanne got from Asos because I wore it with some nice sandals in the day and then changed it up with a pair of heels for dinner in the evening. I normally never pack an evening dress when I travel, because I do believe that with the right shoes and some fab accessories (like my personalized clutch from Elisabeth Summer :)), you can dress up any dress for a night out.

However because this was my first time in Zambia I also packed this evening dress from Forever New for our Royal Livingston Express Adventure. If you are short for space then I suggest only taking one dress with you. I would recommend something with a bit of lace like the red dress for add a touch of femininity to the outfit 🙂

Other things in my luggage that I pack are- one leather jacket of which I vary the colours for every trip. Leather jackets are an investment, and over the last 3 years, I have invested in black, brown, blue, pink and beige ones. Next on my list are silver and peach! I just pack one jacket with me to add some colour (or edge) to any outfit, and it gets handy if the weather misbehaves. I keep the T-shirt packing to three maximum, and I like to pack two jumpsuits because they are versatile and can be worn it many ways. I often travel with hand luggage only, its true! For my trips to Paris, Italy, Reunion Island, London and Cape Town, I only packed a carry-on with the items that I mentioned above. Shoes take up a lot of space so cut down on the footwear! I pack 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of sandals (I usually fly in sneakers so they don’t take up the space in the bag).

Of course, AVANI Victoria Falls also provided the perfect backdrop to my vacation outfits with its beautiful living spaces and design. AVANI Victoria Falls stands apart for its natural beauty and vibrant local style. The 46-hectare grounds attract zebras, giraffes, impalas and monkeys. You can stroll around the gardens for a wild nature walk, go bird watching and investigate the herb and vegetable garden. A series of eight buildings are designed with hints of rugged nature and local culture. Adobe-style architecture is perked up with bright mosaics, ethnic wall stencils, timber and plaster ceilings, Zambian artworks and accessories – setting the scene for a real African experience and making for the perfect background for those Instagram shots!

I hope that you found my packing list helpful for your next vacation! 🙂

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  1. Great post Irina! Could you tell me where you bought all your leather jackets from? I’d love to invest in a few other colours!

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