A jolly good Sunday to you beauties! I love Sundays because it is often the one day in the week that I get to relax, and this morning I hope you grab a cup of coffee and read through this weeks posts on the blog. The #SaySi competition has come to an end, and its time for the new chapter of Say Si to be revealed! Here it is, the beautiful new advert staring Cate Blanchett! She says Si to Herself, Si to Sun, Si to Lightheartedness, Si to Love!

PS The winners of the competition are also revealed in this post!

With a new chapter, comes a new addition to the Si Fragrance Collection. I gave this baby a sniff and a test while at the L’Oreal Luxe Workshop and I was all sorts of in love with it! Introducing the new Sì Huile de Parfum– Perfumed Oil, the quintessence of femininity.

The 30 ml will retail for R1395
The 30 ml will retail for R1395

Oils have been the latest and most admired beauty trend of the past few years, and a perfume oil is a nice addition to the ever-expanding oil empire. A quick history fact- in a gesture symbolizing the passage of strength and virtue, men used to cover statues dedicated to worship with the scented oils of strong essences (cypress, cedar, myrtle, juniper, reeds) in order to give the appearance of life. The divine fragrance of these oils opened up an intangible dimension, a gleaming appearance that enveloped the body in a luminous beauty becoming the substitute of the ambrosia of the gods. A symbol of eternity, strength and brimming life, this “breath of the gods” epitomized the elusive female beauty – mysterious and bewitching – extolled in the love songs of ancient Egypt.

Say Si Cate Blanchett

It is therefore in this time-honored tradition, and through a unique sensorial experience, that Giorgio Armani’s Sì Huile de Parfum pays tribute to the quintessence of femininity, a delicate combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit. The oil smells divine, and to me it has a very similar composition to the Si Intense. So how would this fit into your current beauty routine? The perfume oil is great to use on its own, as well as in conjunction with the already excising Si fragrances. It is alcohol free, and the bottle comes with a little dropper, that dispenses the perfect amount of oil to be used at one time. It is recommended to use it on your pulse points- such as behind the ear, on your wrists, or even behind your knees!

Josh Prendeville_4

If you already have a Si fragrance (and by the end of this post, 3 more ladies will!), you can use the Si Hulie de Parfum together with the fragrance. For a daytime scent that will last until nighttime, use it with Si EDT, for an evening scent combine it with the Si EDP, and for a scent that will last all day long, spritz some Si Intense together with the oil.

cate blanchett say si

And now for the winners of the Say Si competition! I originally wanted to just pick 1 winner to win all 3 of the fragrances, but with so many amazing answers, I asked you guys if I should rather pick 3 winners to win 1 perfume each, and most of you agreed, so it was decided! I started to read through all of the answers, and realized that I was going to need help! I felt that I was too close to the situation, as I know many of my readers personally, so I handed over the task to my friend. She went through all of the entries about 5 times, and she even got Steve and her fiancé involved in the choosing! So after much deliberating, the 3 winners are Tariro, Barbie Beauty SA and Cara Fay!

Congrats ladies!
Congrats ladies!

Enjoy ladies, and always remember to continuing to #SaySi to the important things in your life!

PS The perfume choosing for the winners is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have won, please email at irinadoman@gmail.com with the perfume of your choosing (EDT, EDP or Intense).


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