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Hello again beauties, and sorry for the little confusion about the #SaySi competition that I had to take down last week. Working with international brands is sometimes tricky, as everything comes from overseas, and due to some information that was embargoed, I had to change things up. But no stress, the competition is here, and all of your previous entries have been saved! 🙂 The new chapter of #SaySi is about to be revealed, and todays post is a little bit of a teaser, plus a sneak peak of the new campaign and advert. As Giorgio puts it himself, “Sì is my tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength of mind and independence.” Let me tell you a little bit more about each chapter of the Si fragrances, and what they are all about!

giorgio armani si


The original Si Eau De Parfum launched in 2013, and I am sure it has become a favorite amongst many women. The perfume has grown on me immensely, and I would even go as far as to say it is in my Top 5 Favourite Perfumes (and I have a lot of perfumes!). The original Si is a sweet gourmand fragrance, with top notes of Italian Bergamot and Tangerine, as well as Freesia (the flower pictured in these photos!). It has lovely middle floral notes of Egyptian Jasmine, Neroli and Rose, and the perfume is finished off with Patchouli and Vanilla Absolou. Sounds divine doesn’t it?

giorgio armani si

Si to Femininity, Si to Strength, Si to Freedom!

giorgio armani si intense
RSP is R920 for 30 ml,R1290 for 50 ml and R1730 for 100 ml.

The Si Eau De Parfum Intense was added to the collection in 2014, and who wouldn’t love that black bottle on their nightstand? With Si Intense, the modern woman says intensively yes to her most vibrant emotions: seduction, love and passion. The perfume is enriched with Blackcurrant Elixir and enveloping Wood and Balm accords. This one is my favorite out of all 3, because while it is very strong and powerful, it is still very gentle and it lasts for hours! When I walk into a room while having Si Intense on, I immediately feel more powerful and chic; it is truly such a stunning fragrance!

Si to Audacity, Si to Passion, Si to Myself!

giorgio armani si edt
RSP is R995 for 50 ml and R1395 for 100 ml

The Si Eau De Toilette was launched this year and I reviewed this fragrance here. It is very light and fresh, perfect for spring and summer! The bottle is a pretty pastel pink, which will appeal to the girly girl and to the young woman.

Si to Simplicity, Si to Enjoying Life and Si to Independence!

The face of this delicious fragrance is my personal style icon, Cate Blanchett. I think she is the epitome of elegance and grace, but her red carpet choices always have a bit of a risk factor in them. Cate isn’t afraid to #SaySi to daring and bold fashion choices, yet her style is still very feminine. How gorgeous is she in this little teaser for the new campaign? All will be revealed this Sunday!:)

So what do I #SaySi to in my life? Well with my recent doubts and anxiety about turning 25, as I open this new chapter of my life, I am Saying Si to living without fears and doubts. I don’t know what is going to happen in my 25th year of life, it might be disastrous, but it might be my best year yet. I am Saying Si to love, for my boyfriend, my friends and my family. I am Saying Si to travelling, and expanding my horizons. I am Saying Si to education as I prepare to study further. I am Saying Si to life, and to living it fearlessly.

giorgio armani si

Now it’s your turn! Tell me what you #SaySi to, and you can win an incredible hamper of all 3 of the Si fragrances! That’s right- that the Si Eau De Toilette, the Si Eau De Parfum, and the Si Intense. This hamper is so good, I wouldn’t mind winning it myself! Comment here with your answer and for an additional entry you can tweet me (@irinadoman) with the hashtag #SaySi and what you are Saying Si to in your life. The competition will run until this Sunday when all will be revealed, and I will personally pick a winner!:)

Sì to passion, Sì to yourself, Sì to love, Sì to life, Sì to freedom…

This post and the giveaway are sponsored.

68 thoughts on “#SaySi With Giorgio Armani And Win!”

  1. I bought a fashion magazine and there was a 3ml free sample of Si Giorgio Armani, I fell in love with the fragrance. I bought myself a bottle, but unfortunately it went missing from my luggage when I travelled to Cape Town last year.

    I am saying si to love, I’ve been disappointed with love so many times but I’m ready to try again. I’m saying si to travelling and more trips with the girls, si to education as I’ve registered with UCT for an online course in line with my career objectives. Si to saving money for that new car, si to kindness, si to smiling more and so to making new friends 🙂

  2. I’m saying #SaySi to single moms who struggle daily trying to juggle a career and their children, being a mom and a dad. I say #SaySi to people who are helping those less fortunate than themselves. #SaySi to family because no matter what life throws at you they remain as the one stable thing in your life. #SaySi to life because it is so short you should live it to the fullest

  3. As a full time working wife and mother of two, I say Si to putting myself first for a change. Not that I will be neglecting hubby or the kiddies, I am just going to stop putting my wants and needs at the bottom of my to-do-list. I am important too and deserve to feel like a queen every now and then.

  4. I #SaySi to completing my degree regardless of the sacrifices which need to be made and regardless of the people who are constantly talking down towards me and holding me back. I’m saying Si to the opportunities which lie ahead. I’m saying Si to self regulation and recognizing my strengths and not focusing so much on my weaknesses. I’m saying Si to love, family, peace and living a fulfilled life, the way i want to live it!
    I love your blog!

  5. I say Sì to LIVING (not just existing). I say Sì to being authentic and embracing my uniqueness. I say Sì to loving unconditionally. I say Sì to tapping into my hidden potential. #SaySì

  6. I am saying #SaySI to being positive – that everything is going to work out well for us even though we are clueless to the outcome at the moment

  7. I #SaySi to all life has to offer, new challenges, adventures and dreams. I am saying #SaySi to trying and failing but at least I tried, to trying and succeeding.

  8. I #Saysi to the greatness of waking up each morning being thankful for the day that has past and look forward to better days that are yet to come. #SaySi to good health so that I am able to work and do what I intend to so that my life is a meaningful and successful. #SaySi to family support of each others needs and take time to appreciate one another. #SaySi to completing my studying this year, visit a few cities and finally start a family with my wonderful husband. #SaySi to a new home… fingers crossed I hope to win this as it is my favourite 🙂

  9. I am saying #SaySi to all those self motivated achievers who rosed from the rags to riches . It is their hard-work , determination and not losing focus on their goals that was their driving force to success . I salute you !

  10. This post and all it is has me reliving the best week of my life!! #SaySi is so fitting since I literally said Si on Wednesday evening to the Love of my Life! My dream life has materialized in the best way possible and I feel as though ive been changed!

  11. I love what Si stands for!!! By following your passion…Sometimes all you need is courage and the ability to say Yes! I am #SaySi to Life, to Love! Love to win this new fragrance! #SaySi

  12. I’m saying Si to doing things that are good for my soul, Si to people who energise my life, Si to making great memories, Si to living my best life and Si to sprinkling kindness around like confetti! XO

    Naidene Cooper

  13. I’m saying Si to traveling more! Saying Si to letting my inner self shine free and exploring my life interests! Saying Si for some me time away from my daughter and hubby. Si to a more romantic dreamy life 🙂 cause hell I only live once 🙂

  14. I #SaySi to living life as an adventure as life must be enjoyed not endured. I #SaySi to saying no and not succumbing to group think and what society deems right. I #SaySi to loving all of me as I am.

  15. I #SaySi to health & happiness and womanity. Strength to deal with whatever challenges life throws my way. If you wake up in the morning, God is not done with you yet. Love it Irina. Mwah

  16. I daily see the horrors of life being a volunteer at a shelter and often get so dragged down but I am going to be the change I want to see. I will embrace life in all it’s glory, spread kindness and forgiveness to all and give the best of me to this world. # SaySi

  17. I’m going to #SaySi to my last year of my 20’s (turning 29 at the end of the month EEEEK). Here’s to embracing my 30s and the confidence that they will no doubt bring.

  18. This year I have decided to #SaySi to just being and less doing. Being in the moment, enjoying the time with my daughter, my husband, my friends and my family. And less of working, running around, chores and all the thousands of little things that keep us from enjoying the now.

  19. I am saying #SaySi by being me. doing what I love and what makes me happy! Knowing that I can make a success of what I want to do!

  20. I #SaySi to winning these wonderful fragrances that’s up for grabs…and then #SaySi to always have an siititude of gratitude and to count my many blessings…everyday of my life. #SaySi to you, lovely Lady, for giving me the opportunity to enter this competition. I love your blog! Warm Regards Marlene.

  21. #SaySi I am saying Si to a new start in my career having studied for four years, graduating CUM LAUDE and getting my Honours degree, working at the same company since graduation and now I need a change, a new start, a new career.

  22. #SaySi I am saying Si to my 25th (silver) wedding anniversary which is on 6th October – to another 25 years of love & romance, to being grateful for the first 25 years, to being blessed with a wonderful husband who is not only my soul mate but my best friend.

  23. #SaySi I am saying Si to my 25th wedding anniversary – 25 years of unconditional love trust and faith, here is to another 25 years

  24. #SaySi I am saying Si to embracing my 90″s!!!!! 1 and a half years to go and I say Si to staying young and having a young mind.

  25. I #SaySi to exhaling; what does that mean? It means breathing out all the stress and anxiety, why? because during my 25 years on this planet I have #SaidSi to a lot of other peoples issues and taken them upon my shoulders, so I #SaySi to listening to others issues but exhaling them as they’re not mine to carry.

  26. #SaySi To life beginning at 40.. not how I imagined it to be.. with 2 young toddlers.. but its been an awesome ride so far.. and i’m looking forward to the next 40 🙂

  27. #SaySi to Love, Life , Happiness, Spring – A Season of Change #SaySi – Spring cleaning Mind, Body & Soul…..#SaySi to Recharge, Rejuvenate , Refresh…Breathe out the Old #SaySi Breathe in the new, #SaySi to Confidence & Feeling Beautiful inside and out………(liked on FB & Tweeted)

  28. “You can explore the universe looking for somebody who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere.”

    i must say that when I spritzed Si Eau de Parfum Intense my olfactory senses were catapulted to the heavens! This enigmatic parfum embodies a powerful woman who is like a teabag and gets stronger the more she is placed in hot water! I am a Say Si woman as I have worn my gumboots throughout the thorny path of my life. I have said Si whenever things went haywire.So yes, the powerful word Si is my new mantra in life! My Say Si attitude has certainly paid off as I truly believe that I am living out my wildest dreams.

    Yes, I have been through major financial heartache when a business venture that I had attempted failed. Yes, my heart felt as if it had broken into a million pieces when my granny died earlier this year. The list of human disasters goes on BUT I have survived through it all through self realisation & appreciating my self worth. I have realised that behind the mother, the wife, the student, the daughter etc I need to cherish ‘ME…So winning this amazing treat from your fab blog, will be a wonderful addition to my new journey of self discovery in this play called life where ‘I’ matter the most.

    And believe it or not, I will not be saving my parfum for a special occasion, for me life is a celebration and to start every miraculous day with this scent will be a dream come true. This diva plans to #SaySi myself every single day!

    P.S Have loved you on Facebook and Twitter. Tweeted about this sensational competition too:)

  29. I #SaySi to opening my mind before I open my mouth. I SaySi to being in charge and choosing how I feel each and every day.
    I Say Si to fight through the bad days and earning al the good ones.
    I Say Si to having faith in how things work out, even if not as planned but to how they are meant to be.
    I Say Si to the opinion for myself over those of others.
    I SAY SI to being fierce and completing my LLB degree.
    I SAY SI to learning in loving myself and embracing my FLAWS
    I SAY SI to my inner warrior gaining Strength, Confidence and Courage.
    I SAY SI to family, good wine and friends.

    “I Say Si to Life” – За твоё здоровье

  30. i recently said yes to cutting out all animal + animal products out of my diet and lifestyle (including leather – eek! heart pulpitations!!) and although it’s brought so much judgement, side eyes, and questions (from my friends and family more than anyone else), it’s one of the best decisions i have made to date! i’ve really learnt how to live a kind and compassionate life, and even though there is such a stigma around cutting out animals, i really don’t care. i’m not going to force my way of life onto anyone, but i know that personally, it was the thing i needed in my life at that moment, and it’s opened my eyes to things i would usually overlook, and completely changed the way i live life – in the best way!

    the biggest thing I’ve ever said yes to was my husband – wait it’s not cliche – i changed my whole entire life for a man and this man changed his whole entire life for me. right now, we may not be physically together, but our love is stronger than anyone i’ve ever known. he opened my mind up to a life so different to everything else, and he gives me that void i’m missing. saying yes, making a life with him, has hands down been the best decision i have ever made.

    i would more than love to add the Sí fragrances to my fragrance tray – i have a small cough big obsessed with fragrances and feel that you get to pick and choose what fragrance you want to wear everyday depending on your mood. and when your outfit is almost lacking something, it’s usually that fragrance 😉

  31. I am Saying Si to being a strong woman despite what life throws at me along the way. I am grateful for what life I have and being a single Mom to the most amazing daughter. Watching my daughter grow into this amazing young woman has been my greatest accomplishment in life. As she now spreads her wings to live out her own life and dreams, I embrace this new chapter of my life in my 50’s, I call it my Renaissance Period as I will be on my own new journey of revival, in rediscovering myself, in finding new interests to be passionate about. So, I Say Si to continuing to live my life with love, passion, fierceness, gratitude, authenticity,acceptance, tolerance, compassion, courage and soulfulness.

  32. I #SaySi to me, my personality, my looks, my feelings, emotions, words and actions. I have always compared myself to others, compared negatively and backwards, made where I am and who I am wrong. But now I’ve said Si to me and all the uniqueness that is Hayleigh and my life.

    I’m so much more positive for doing so, and where I am in my life at this point in time, is right for me! I’m more confident, more loved because of it and exude beams of happiness.

    I’m saying Si to me, because thats who I be, and no ones going to change that you see 🙂

  33. I recently said “Si” to babysitting my three young nephews (plus my own two!!) so that my sister and her hubby could enjoy a romantic stay alone in a beautiful hotel for the first time in many years. It was such a treat for them and so worth it for me when I saw the love and romance between them on their return. They couldn’t stop saying thank you to me, aaaaaaw. Si is good! So where you can, don’t hesitate to #SaySi 🙂

  34. What do I say “Si” to in my life? I say “Si” to not holding a grudge when someone wrongs me…. I let it go. This, I’ve learnt, is freedom. I say “Si” when my friend needs a shoulder to cry on, my mother needs a hug or my dog looks at me with sad eyes until I roll on the grass with him…. When I ask myself “am I content, have I got immeasurable blessings to be thankful for?”…. my answer is always Si, Yes! Yebo! Ja! I’m so happy to be me, I love who I am without being haughty and proud. I’m grateful for the life I’ve been given and the journey I’m on. I love the skin I’m in, and even though it’s not perfect, it’s me. One of a kind. It’s good to be alive… My outlook on life is one of “Si”! 🙂

  35. #SaySi My fiance and I are high school sweethearts and have been together since I was 17. He recently proposed atop Inanda mountain after an exhilirating helicopter ride, and made me the happiest girl alive. We first decided to wait a few years before we got married as we wanted a beautiful wedding and knew we couldn’t afford it straight away…

    I decided to #SaySi to marrying the love of my life! We are both so excited to say I do and I don’t think money fears should get in our way. I’ve decided to spend more carefully and save more each month for our dream wedding on 2 January 2016. By just saying yes and going for it, making our dream come true went from impossible to more than possible!

    We have also always wanted to travel together so I will #SaySi to a trip to Thailand by the end of next year! I know if we stay motivated and put our hearts into it, we will make it happen.

    Reflecting on my hopes and fears today has left me feeling so motivated and inspired. On my wedding day, I’d love to use the Si fragrance, feel like a princess and say yes to the man of my dreams and all the hopes of my heart.

  36. #SaySi to each & every parent! Nothing &no one prepares you for how vulnerable and exposed you feel when you become a parent… your <3 walking around with your kids….

  37. I #SaySi to becoming a stronger person, not letting people dictate to me who I should be and what I should do. I will not let anyone’s words break me down. I #SaySi to completing my business management degree with great marks. I #SaySi to all the wonderful and courageous women out there who have stood up for themselves and hardship and prevaled and have become the woman I strive to eb

  38. #SaySi to a new beginning….i am blessed at 40 with a little miracle baby of 3 months…
    #SaySi to love… i have an awesome hubby
    #SaySi to love of 3 children not born from my womb but deep in my heart
    #SaySi to life… to make it the best it can be despite the past
    #SaySi to health…. more important than any wealth can ever be

  39. I #SaySi to having the courage to be happy; to letting go of what no longer served me despite it being comfortable. I #SaySi to this new chapter I’ve begun as a result of courage; to the road less travelled. I #SaySi to doing what I love and to love ❤

  40. My family and i hav xperienced alot of tragedies in our lives, this week however we moved into our beautiful new house , its a new season for us filled with new beginnings and blesings, i #SaySi to moving on , out wit the old in with the new

  41. I #SaySi to loving and living my life to its fullest and grabbing each and every opportunity that comes my way. Through #SayingSi ,accomplished so much of my own personal goals, and I’ll continue to #SaySi for all the new goals and plans in my new life!

  42. I #SaySi to become a better person everyday each day to be an example for my kids that whatever life throw on us we will keep our heads up high and be thankful for what we have ❤️❤️❤️

  43. I am Saying Si to being young, feminine, strong and independent and following my dreams. I believe in a future of possibilities and with hard work, dedication and passion I hope to make a difference in this world. #SaySi

  44. I #SaySi to still being and staying strong. As I continue to go and struggle through depression, anxiety, and other problems in my life, I can still recognize that I’m still here and I count that as a blessing. I #SaySi to the small ounce of courage I’m still holding onto even though I’m not doing too well. I #SaySi to me not giving up just yet.

  45. I #SaySi to working hard towards my kids fashion label. It’s a dream of mine to pass down something to my daughter. Being a Girl Boss is what life is all about. Being strong, an inspiration to others and to being an example of what hard work and sacrifice can get you is what I’m trying to accomplish with my life.

    I adore your revamp and think it suits you perfectly xoxo

  46. I # SaySi to adopting an attitude of gratitude for what has been bestowed upon me, both good and bad because each experience has been pivotal in shaping the person that l am today, and l #SaySi to the ability to use the lessons learnt from my life experiences as a foundation for making a positive difference in the world.

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