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There is nothing more I love than a Spa day! Luxurious massages, facials and mani-pedis are one of my favorite indulgences, and I try and treat to myself to a mini Spa day every couple of months, but as we all know Spas do get a bit expensive. I was thrilled to see The Body Shop “Spa Of The World” range hit South Africa last month, and was just as thrilled to try out some goodies form the range. My friend and I went away last month for a weekend with our boyfriends, and decided to test out the products with a little DIY Spa Day at home!

the body shop spa of the world

The Body Shop believes that “Escapism starts at home” and with that thought in mind, this lovely “Spa Of The World” range was created. “Spa of the World” offers everything you need in a spa experience – escapism, relaxation, revitalization, and pure bliss. Turn your bathroom into a ‘spathroom’, filled with professional quality products, in modern sophisticated packaging, and pamper yourself daily with luxurious ingredients and tantalizing fragrances that will instantly transport your senses to far-flung lands.

The range is split into 3 sections- The Relaxing Ritual, The Revitalizing Ritual and The Blissful Ritual. I have here products from all 3 of the ranges, so I can break them down for you a little bit as well as tell you a bit more about each product. I have really been enjoying using all of these guys, and if you want to have a Spa day at home on a Sunday night before a big week, this is what you should be reaching for.

The Relaxing Ritual- Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay- R195

spa of the world

The Relaxing Ritual is all about relaxing the body and mind, and letting them both unwind and de-stress. This Charcoal Body Clay Mask was a real discovery for me, I have heard of people using it before (especially by The Dead Sea), but have never tried something like this in my life! Charcoal exudes negative ions that are irresistible to positively charged toxins, pulling them right out of skin. Combine charcoal with kaolin, the same clay that the Chinese have been making fine porcelain and skin treatments for millennia, and Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay has the power to purify.

spa pf the world

The mask looks grey in the tube, and I did find it a little bit difficult to spread all across the body, so I suggest mixing it with a bit of water, to make the application easier. Spread it everywhere, and even though it’s just a body mask, I actually used it on my face as well, and it worked wonderfully. It takes about 15-20 minutes to dry, and yes you do look a little scary while having it on (it dries off to a charcoal, grey color), but I had so much fun putting it on and playing around with it! Afterwards wash it all off in the shower (not in the bath, as your bath will take on that grey color), and you can immediately feel how smooth and pampered your skin feels. It’s a bit messy to do every weekend, but it’s a wonderful treat for your skin.

Mask straight out of the tube(left) and after drying for 15 minutes(right)
Mask straight out of the tube(left) and after drying for 15 minutes(right)

Other products in the Relaxing Ritual are The African Ximenia Scrub (R275), The Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath (R250), French Lavender Massage Oil(R195) and The Japanese Camilla Cream (R320).

The Revitalising Ritual- The Dead Sea Salt Scrub-R245

spa pf the world

The Revitalising Ritual is performed to rejuvenate and stimulate a tired body and mind. The product I have from this range is this amazing Dead Sea Salt Scrub,and I am all kinds of obsessed with it! Modern science supports the therapeutic skin benefits of the salts. Salt is not all the same. Dead Sea salt is rich in minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and bromine. The large crystals of Dead Sea salt are an effective exfoliator, lifting off dead skin cells to leave smoother skin. Add to that the blend of high quality plant oils that moisturize skin and you’ve got a powerful combination for exfoliating and smoothing the body.

spa pf the world

This Dead Sea Salt Scrub is R275, but let me tell you, the tubs that this range comes in are huge! I love the brown packaging of it as it gives it a very “Spa-like” feel, but also you are not just paying for a tiny tub of products, these tubs are very big and heavy! This scrub smells divine; I use it after the Clay Mask, to scrub away any dead skin cells and to polish off the body. The salts are quite big in size, but yet are very gentle on your skin. This product was also a real winner for me due to its lovely scent and how well it worked.

spa pf the world

Other products in the Revitalising Ritual are the Moroccan Rassoul Body Clay (R195), and the Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil (R190).

The Blissful Ritual- Hawaiian Kukui Cream- R320

spa pf the world

Finally, the Blissful Ritual for true indulgence and ultimate exaltation of body and mind. It was love at first sniff for me with this Hawaiian Kukui Cream, and unfortunately I can’t even describe why it smells so good, it just does! It reminds me of sweet summer days filled with sunshine and desserts! Kukui seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, with high levels of linoleic acid providing moisture and nutrition to the skin. This makes kukui oil, the ultimate oil for nurturing, smoothing and moisturizing the driest of skins.

spa pf the world

This very much reminds me of the texture of The Body Shops Body Butters, as it is just as rich and creamy as them. Again, the tub this comes in is huge so it will last you a long, long time (it takes me a good 6 months to get through one tub of The Body Shops Body Butter). This is the perfect finish to your little Spa Day at home, and this product can actually be used on an every-day basis as I wouldn’t restrict it to just a “Spa-like” product.

spa of the world

The two other products in the Blissful Ritual are the Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil(R190) and the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil (R220)

I am not going to lie to you when I say that I am besotted with this range and the products! Check it out at your nearest Body Shop store now, and the good thing is that this is a permanent range so it isn’t going anywhere! Yay!

the body shop spa of the world range


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    Stunning pics! Great post. I’ve been loving this range. The products smell so amazing. 🙂

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    love it!
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    I love this range too! The Polynesian Radiance Oil, Hawaiian Kukui Cream and Japanese Camelia Cream are my favourites!

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    These products sound amazing! Perfect for a spa day at home, xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

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