Anyone that knows me knows of my love and obsession with travel. It was not always there- I really, only started travelling and exploring a couple of years ago and originally when I started my blog it was only fashion and beauty focused. However, since my passion for travel has been growing over the last 2 years, my blog has started to reflect that. I document all of my travels on here through fun photo diaries, travel tips and outfits that I do. I love travelling so much and in the last 2 years, I have been lucky enough to visit Dubai, Paris, and the north of Italy (Verona, Venice and Milan to be exact), Croatia, Budapest, Spain, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Czech Republic, Reunion Island and Cyprus. You can find all of the content under the “Travel” bit at the top, and today together with Travel Start, I wanted to share my few tips for starting a travel blog!

Travel Start created great little Infographic that puts some tips together for a travel blog very nicely. I am not a pro travel blogger by any means, so I found the “Pitching Ideas” and the “Travel Assignments” tips very handy. I have been fortunate enough to have been invited along for a few travel blogger trips but I still have a long way to go until I establish myself as a serious travel blogger. I blog about travel because I am extremely passionate about it and I love sharing it with my readers, so if you’re looking to get more into travel blogging, here are also a couple of my own tips!

1.Find your own travel “niche”

The internet is filled with great content everywhere, so what will set your travel posts apart? I like to think that my travel niche is combining the fashion part of my blog with the travel part. I love planning outfits to compliment the beautiful sights and I always make sure to do at least one fab, “planned” outfit when I travel. Committing to this niche also meant that I dragged this gorgeous Ted Baker dress with me in hand luggage and a duster bag all the way to Madrid, but how pretty does it look in the Crystal Palace?


2. The early bird catches the stunning shot

Of course, everyone knows that it is best to get up early to start sightseeing so you can avoid the crowds. However, when you are hunting down that stunning shot for a post, you really have the be dedicated. When I visited Verona last year and I wanted to take photos by Guiletta (the Letters to Juliet place), I literally had to get there before the place was even open! My eyes were still puffy and swollen from the long flight the night before, but how else was I supposed to get this shot? It is all worth it in the end because the pictures (and the experience) stays in your memory forever.

3. Local is lekker!

Travel blogging does not always have to be about international trips; in fact, my most memorable trips this year have been the local ones! I have developed somewhat an obsession with Cape Town this year and writing about it has been a pleasure. I also try to do little road trips and weekend getaways where I can, because our country is just so beautiful and has so much to offer. Check out cheap flights to Cape Town on Travel Start for you next break!

4. Make friends!

Whether you traveling for a blogging event or just out of your own interest, the best shots are not the one taken with a tripod! I met one of my fav travel friends, Cassidy through blogging, together we travelled to Reunion Island and Spain, and next month we are off to Bali! Making friends out of blogging just adds another element of fun to it.

5. Passion is everything

Travelling is not the cheapest of interests, so if you want to get into travel blogging, you have to blog from the heart. I would not advice getting into travel blogging if you only want to work with brands- that takes a long while, and you might be disheartened after a while. I am very passionate about travelling and use up almost all of my savings for it, but the sights of the Burj Khalifa, the La Sagrada Familia and our beautiful Table Mountain have all been worth it.

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