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It is super chilly here in Joburg, so chilly that I finally decided to get out the heaters in the house. Heaters mean one thing for me- dry skin, but hey you have to keep warm! With another three long,cold months ahead of us, today I am sharing some winter skip tips from Vichy, and the products that I am finding very helpful this chilly season. Also today is your last chance to win a R1500 hamper from Vichy- there have been three winners already, and this week is your last chance to win with me. However, if you didn’t win you can still enter the Vichy Ideal Me Contest over here, and win some fab goodies to the value of R40000!


vichy winter tips

My number 1 rule in winter, is something that I only discovered last year- you have to tone,tone,tone(your skin and your body;)).Many people find toners a little bit confusing and I used to be one of them. Why do you need to use them? Toners restore the skins pH balance after cleansing, and I never understood them until I found what a difference a toner made to my skin last year. Toning not only leaves your skin feeling refreshed and non-greasy, I also found that toning is great for hydration of my skin. So I suggest you invest in one this winter, and let it become a permanent thing in your beauty routine.

Add A Serum

vichy winter tips

Another confusing thing for many girls, is a serum- what is it, why must I use it, and isn’t it for anti-aging purposes only? Well a serum strengthens your beauty routine, and it is more formulated and intense than a moisturizer, meaning that it provides more hydration, which is very often what our skins lack in winter. I have been loving this Idelia Serum- the texture of it is not too heavy and it smells very pleasant.You should apply this right after the toning and before moisturizing- think of it as layering your skin the way you would layer your clothes on in winter to keep warm. I use mine twice daily and you can feel the benefits of a serum within a few days after using it.

Keep Your Lips Chap-Free


Of course our lips chap in winter like mad, so a nice lip balm is always a goodie. This one has a lovely smooth texture and smells lovely and it lasts a couple of hours before you need to re-apply it. Keep one in your purse or at your work desk to keep a hydrated pout this winter.


Some of these goodies and more are for grabs in the final R1500 hamper today! It is open to anyone and everyone in South Africa, and all you have to do is tell me why you want it- leave a comment here or tweet me and Vichy(@irinadoman and @VichySA). Good luck!

20 thoughts on “Winter Skin Tips With Vichy+Win The Last R1500 Hamper”

  1. Hi Irina I would so love to win this awesome Vichy prize, ive had a week of hell after having an allergic reaction and it left my skin so dry, would luv to win and treat my skin 🙂

  2. I would love to win this as I have read so much about Vichy and the great benefits for your skin. I do suffer terribly in Winter with dry skin and nothing has helped so far

  3. i would love to win, winter can really be harsh on my skin and it tends to get very dry, so I have to protect and moisturize it daily. These amazing products from Vicky will make a huge difference to my skin 🙂

  4. This is a great hamper! My skin also tends to be very dry in winter and needs lots of moisture. I have never tried Vichy but with your reviews on these products I am willing to try it out:-)

  5. I need a new routine and Vicky seems to work wonders! WOULD love love love to get the change to use it and see and feel the results for myself!

  6. Pick me Pick me!!! Lol but in all seriousness Winter skin sucks!! I would love to win these goodies and take some of the tight-dry-dull words out of my vocabulary when taking about Winter skin 🙂

  7. Gosh i have such sensitive skin, i would LOVE to try Vichy…in all honesty….i just CAN’T afford it.

  8. Vichy has such awesome products, completely out of my budget right now (2 toddlers) and i have heard fantastic review so would absolutely love to try them.

  9. I’m in desperate need of some Vichy pampering!!!
    I’m pregnant with twins boys (which is exhausting) and Joburg in the winter is super harsh on my skin anyway!! I LOVE all the Vichy products I’ve tried so far!!
    Fingers crossed!

  10. Because life will never be the same again! I have always suffered with acne and have also tried various products and to date have still not found a product that meets my needs. I long for supple, hydrated and glowing skin and it looks like this brand can do just that by all your reviews (and your skin looks great too) So, Irina, please Vichy me for winter and my winter will be like no other before!!

  11. I’m not big on moisturising in general but more so now in winter I feel the need to commit to this as an everyday routine. I need Vichy for this.

  12. The serum sounds amazing! Am pregnant and suffering with my skin…dry and dull. The serum sounds like it may be a nice addition to my skin care routine 🙂 Read so many awesome things about Vichy, but sadly have not tried it yet.

  13. Im in desperate need of a beauty regime. I am inbetween various products and my skin is struggling with this cold. Id love to try this product and see if it could be the perfect fit.

  14. I love that Vichy posses a unique therapeutic virtue and understand women’s skin needs at every life stage. They also don’t test on animals and are environmentally conscious. I know these Fabulous products would compliment my 40 year old stressed, hormonal skin. 🙂

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