5 items every girl needs in her car

Between varsity, events and racing off to a Forever New sale I spend a lot of time in my car. It’s my second home and it is filled with all sorts of goodies that get me through the day. I’ve always wondered if my car insurance covers my favourite Michael Kors handbag (which needs to be with me at all times in case of a handbag emergency) as well as my actual vehicle?

Because I’m now a bit of an “in transit” connoisseur I’ve put together this helpful list of the 5 items every girl needs in her car. These are the must haves that will get you through the day and take you straight into a fun evening.

  1. Car lighter charger

This is an obvious one. If you’re on the road alone you never want to end up in a jam with a flat phone battery. Steve insisted on teaching me how to change a tyre so I won’t have to rely on a man to change a flat for me BUT I’d still want to be able to What’s App him pictures after I’ve changed it to show him that I did actually listen. Being connected is a necessity. A mobile phone charger that plugs into your car lighter is perfect and can be easily stored in your cubby hole when not in use.

Eeeek a flat battery is not ideal!
Eeeek a flat battery is not ideal!
  1. Comfortable shoes

I love my heels but they aren’t always practical to drive in. After a fashion event that sees me on my feet for a few hours the last thing I want to do is drive home in heels. I always have a pair of comfortable pumps stored in my boot that I can slip it to for the drive home. Of course I like keeping my options open- converse, pumps, or Oxfords.

5 items every girl needs in her car

  1. A stylish coat or jacket

It’s cold and believe it or not, fashion bloggers like to be warm as well. I’ve got a sexy little leather jacket from River Island (there flagship store in Rosebank has some gorgeous winter warmers) that I store in my car boot for days at university when the chill picks up or when the temperature suddenly drops. Make sure your car coat is one that can be stored without wrinkling, I like keeping mine on a little hanger inside the car.

5 items every girl needs in her car

  1. Hair elastics

Where do lost hair elastics go? My car! There’s always comes a time when you’re going to be scratching through your bag because you want to tie up your hair and can’t find a band. Maybe you arrive at gym and realise you forgot to pack one or you want to set your hair in a gorgeous bun on your way to dinner for a bit of a change. Store your spare hair elastics on your gear stick. That way when you need one you know where they are!


  1. Car insurance

Okay, so this isn’t something physical you want to store in your car but it is one of the necessities you need to travel with every day. The cost of repairing a vehicle after a bumper bashing is exorbitant and if someone else is to blame for your ding it can be emotionally draining trying to get the money from them. Make sure you have comprehensive car insurance and, seen as you’re paying, ensure there are a few added benefits.  1st for Women offers direction assist and trip monitor to all their clients. Direction Assist is a 24 hour telephone line that gives you directions on the move while Trip Monitor is great if you’re travelling alone late at night – you can set it to contact you every 30 minutes to make sure you’re safe, if you don’t answer they’ll contact a family member or friend.

I feel like I can take on anything the road throws at me if I have these 5 essential items in my car. I’d love to find out if there is something you have in your car that isn’t on my list?

Any must have item I should be tossing in the boot before getting behind the  wheel?

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  1. A small first aid kit with scissors (you don’t want to rip the label off the newly bought item of clothing) and tweezers

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