I don’t know about you, but I struggle keeping fit in winter (not that I don’t struggle in the summer, ha-ha). But keeping fit in winter is so much harder for me, I am not a morning person as it is, and in these cold winter mornings, I struggle to get up to workout even more. However as everyone says- summer bodies are made in winter, so for the last month I have been very dedicated to my health and keeping fit, and I am enjoying it a lot more since I got my FitBit Alta HR device from Discovery!



FitBit is a physical activity tracker designed to help you become more active, eat a better-rounded diet, sleep better and ultimately, turn you into a healthier human being! It tracks your heart rate and your steps, and I’ve been checking my steps daily with it. I have the FitBit Alta HR and I love its slick design and it sends me reminders to move when I am being too lazy! It is also synched to my phone, so I can see when someone is phoning me or sending me texts- super handy to have.


Together with my Fitbit I’ve been going to workout classes at my local Virgin Active, and making sure I get at least 5000 steps in each day- even when I have to get the last few steps in when I’m at home in the evening. The great thing is that with Discovery Vitality, you can now get up to 75% cash back when you reach your weekly #VitalityActiveRewards goals. Your cash back consists of up to 25% with Healthy Gear and up to 50% with Device Booster and is paid monthly over 24 months. The total cashback that can be earned over the 24-month benefit duration is capped at R4000 of the purchase price of your heart rate fitness device such as this FitBit! Check out the Discovery page over here for more info and approved partners which you can purchase the FitBit(and other heart rate devices from).


So how do I keep fit in winter with my FitBit? As I mentioned, I love attending Virgin Active classes, yoga and pilates being my favorites. A Grid workout always gets my heart rate up so I try to do that once a week and sometimes I even try a Spin class. I only started gym last month but before when I couldn’t afford to sign up, I did the Fitness Marshall workouts at home (check out his YouTube channel over here) and I did a light pilates routine while watching TV at night. Its hard keeping fit in winter that’s why I am trying to do classes so it is a bit more exciting and keeps me motivated!

Now for the fun part- I want you to get fit this winter too, that is why in collaboration with Discovery, I am giving away a FitBit Charge 2! To enter check out my Instagram page and enter over there to win this awesome device!- @irinadoman

PS- I got these cool shoes as part of Discovery’s cool Shoe Booster benefit last year! Check out more info here.

PPS- Yes, I often work out with my make-up on because I usually gym at night after work. But its never a worry for me, because I have my All Nighter Setting Spray which keeps my make-up on ever after a hard-core workout 🙂


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