I have a very beautiful relationship with fragrances- I love writing about them, I love testing different scents and I absolutely cannot go without a daily spritz of my favourite fragrance. I also have a passion for scents- I love learning about the notes that compile a certain fragrance, the thoughts and processes that went into designing its bottle and learning the history behind every scent. Today’s fragrance is my latest obsession and love. I first smelled Air Di Gioia back in November, and it was love at first sniff! I could not wait to get my hands on a full sized bottle, and now that I have, I have been wearing it almost every single day for the last month!

Air Di Gioia is the latest addition to the Giorgio Armani fragrance range. My signature scent also stems from this designer house, and the Si fragrance is a staple in my beauty arsenal. Air belongs to the Gioia family, which also consists of Aqua Di Gioia, Sun Di Gioia and Sky Di Gioia. Gioia literally means “joy.” Joy that is serene, genuine, tangible; a joy neither feigned nor fashioned. A joy that is born of the purity of nature.

So why am I so obsessed with Air Di Gioia? It is the fragrances crisp and fresh smell that I just could not get enough of this last summer. The olfactory score is an Italian melody of mandarin-neroli, a “salty floral” refrain composed of peony, ylang-ylang, and orange blossom, all on the base of a woody, patchouli-Cashmeran hymn with a hint of moss. The wake is buoyant and euphoric, as free and exhilarating as pure, fresh air. This scent is incredibly clean with a hint of saltiness and a floral burst at the end. I imagine the perfect seaside day when I spray this fragrance on, with fresh ocean air and waves crashing in the background.

The bottle designs in this range are an ode to nature, taking a simple and pure form of a stone smoothed by the sea. Transparency and purity: the discreet luxury of authenticity. The design of this range is simple and unassuming and is directly correlated to the whole vibe of the range- simple, pure, joyful. I have three of the four scents and just looking at them in my beauty room gives me joy!

Air Di Gioia will make the perfect addition to your beauty arsenal if you’re a fan of freshly floral fragrances. It’s not heavy on your skin at all, yet it’s long lasting and settles nicely on the skin as a burst of fresh air with a hint of a floral bouquet. Is it only a summer fragrance? Of course not! While it is perfectly suited for the warmer months, I can still see myself reaching for it on gloomy winter days when I need a breath of fresh Air 😉

The fragrance is now available at Foschini, Edgars, Red Square, Woolworths and Truworths stores and the 30ml retails for R790, which I think is a very good price! Also, get your hands on it online over here and here.


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