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I know I’m a liiiitle bit late on this, but I have wanted to do a “Best Products of 2014” post for a while now, and I am finally getting around to it. There have been so many great products that I have tested out and fallen in love with over 2014, that I know I just have to share them with you.Some of them you would have already seen featured here on the blog, and some I haven’t had the chance to write about yet. I have split this into 2 posts, because otherwise it just would have been too long- so there is a “Face,Body and Hair” and “Make-up” favorites. Todays one is all about the face,body and hair products that blew me away last year. Lets get right in shall we?

Facial Products

dermalogica clarisonic kiehl's
I change-up my face routine every now and again but these 3 guys have been my firm favorites throughout the year. The Dermalogica Ultracalming Face Mist was a real discovery for me last year. Its pretty much like a toner, and I love that it has the function of spraying straight onto the face. No mess, no fuss, I keep this next to my bed the whole year around and spray it on before putting on moisturizer and after cleansing. Speaking of cleansing, this dynamic duo is whom I have to thank for, for having good skin this year. I have mentioned the Kiehl’s Calendula Cleanser here, and I am still not even half way done with it and I am still loving it.Another dream Kiehl’s product that I am in love with is the Super Multi-Corrective Cream. I am just about done with it, and I am planning on buying another jar because it is that good. It has the loveliest, softest texture that goes on like a dream in the morning before I do my make-up, and with great ingredients like beech tree extract it keeps my skin looking fresh and firm.This is actually recommended for anti-aging, so hey I guess I am preventing that in the long-run too by using this product. Kiehl’s overall has been an amazing discovery for me this year, and I hope to explore even more products from the brand this year. And of course the majestic Clarisonic. I am planning a full-blown post on this device as it is about to be launched in South Africa. It really is worth all of the hype and it really is that amazing.It takes a literal minute to do every night and morning and the results are visible within 2 weeks of using it.Invest in this baby, now!

Body Care

best beauty products of 2014
I am super lazy when it comes to body care and really stick to a good body butter all year around, and The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter has been my favorite since 2013 already. I love its scent and the rich texture of the butter- its a real treat especially during the winter time. And the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is an all-around miracle. I’ve written about the lavender version of it here, and recently its been re-packed into this gorgeous gold jar. I use the 8 cream anywhere and everywhere. On my face when its having a rough time, on my hands when they are dry and even on the soles of my feet  when I can feel they are getting a bit cracked. The 8 Hour Cream should be in the beauty arsenal of every lady because it is one of those cult-products that are worth having.

Hair Care

best beauty products of 2014
Hair Care is super important to me and I had a hard time narrowing this one down, but these 3 products took the cake for me last year. A real discovery for me was the Tangle Teezer- this nifty little tool has transformed my hair routine, and it’s really,really great! I literally feel no pain when I brush through my hair, and it small enough to fit into my handbag. This was gifted to me for my birthday by the lovely Bronwyn and thanks to her I can now tame my locks. On the hair oil side, as I mentioned in this post, the Inoar Extreme Premium Oil was my favorite throughout the year. And the Pantene Anti Frizz Smooth-Cream was another fantastic find, that not only works like a charm but is also super affordable.

What were your favorite products for 2014?


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  1. I am addicted to Moroccon Oil and this was definitely my top product of the year. I also love the Nivea Intense Moisture Body Cream. This product works wonders on my skin in summer and keeps it totally hydrated.

  2. Love,love,love MoroccanOil! Can never get enough of it! Must check out the Nivea product, too be honest haven’t been too keen on the brand,but will check it out!:)

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