Hello again and welcome back to the blog lovely people! I took some much needed time off for myself and a break from the blog-but what do we think about the new look? I felt like it was time to refresh things around here, I needed a fresh start both on here and a bit of in real life as well. I took a trip to Prague and Russia, the longest trip I’ve taken in just under 2 years. It was just what I needed- exploring a beautiful new city, having lots of family time, and eating lots of delicious food. I am ready to get back now and share so much great content- travel, fashion and beauty related! I didn’t even know which post to start off with, so I thought of starting off with a catch up and letting you guys know where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

Outside the Prague Castle

Now I am mainly catching up on work and sleep. I needed this break. I needed it so bad that I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I had actual time off to think about it. I haven’t properly rested in over a year- which seems strange with all of the trips that I take but hear me out. Whenever I go on a trip we are always busy- sightseeing, shopping, running around and trying to get as much done as we can in a short amount of space. The last time I rested properly was over a year ago in Croatia where I had a weekend to myself to just lie around and do nothing. So having a couple of weeks in Moscow to do nothing and catch up on series while eating popcorn was pure bliss.

I also needed the break to deal with some emotional baggage. After being in a horrible smash and grab in February, I dealt with it in the worst way possible- I let fear get the worst of me. I’ve been scared every time I got behind the wheel after it happened, so having this time off, not driving anywhere and just sitting still, has really helped. I have a few hectic months coming up ahead with work and now that I am well rested, I am so excited for it. The fear from the smash and grab still lingers with me a bit, but I try and not let it get to a stage where it stops be from living my life(for a month afterwards I refused to go out anywhere after 6pm and missed work functions and friends get-togethers). I am trying my best to not give someone who did something so horrible that shook me to my core have control over my life- the time off really helped me see this, and while I might not be 100% healed yet, I am on my way there.

Trying to keep warm in Moscow


Also as a sneak peak to what’s coming to the blog in the month, when I wasn’t chilling this is what I was doing- visiting Prague and eating lots of local food, visiting my parents in Moscow, visiting my grandparents in Moldova, popping into Cape Town in the lead up to launching our store there, and staying at the fabulous One and Only Hotel. All of my photo diaries, tips and pictures will be up on the blog soon.

The beautiful Tsaritsino Castle in Moscow


Watching: Having some time off gave me a chance to catch up on all the series and movies that I have been wanting to watch! Recently I watched “This Is Us” which I really enjoyed, I mean it’s nothing ground-breaking but I love a good family show. I also got through “13 Reasons Why”, “New Girl” and currently on repeat I have “Sex and the City”. Next up- Riverdale and Big Little Lies.

Pretty much all that I’ve been doing the past 2 weeks

Reading: All of those long plane flights also gave me a chance to catch up on my reading(I did 9 flights in 3 weeks, and for someone who hates flying as much as I do, it’s a mini achievement). I finally finished Marian Keyes “The Brightest Star in the Sky” and got through 3 of my favourite Russian authors books. I am super into the Russian history at the moment, so I think my next book will be the autobiography of Catherine the Great.

Eating: I am trying to get back to the healthy life after basically a month of food splurging! Trdelnik and beer in Prague, borz and pancakes in Moscow and beef tartar and strawberry shortcake in Cape Town are starting to take their toll on my thighs. It was worth every spoonfull, but now I am getting back to my healthy eating recipes that I follow from Jessica Sepels book. I’ve also invested in some pretty workout gear (it gets me motivated) and plan on carrying on with Pilates this month.

Wine and dessert- all that I need to keep warm!
My fav Russian breakfast- rice porridge and pancakes!

Loving: Being able to sleep in my own bed, but also being able to give myself the gift of travel. I can’t explain the feeling that I get every time I see a new country unfold in front of me. Yes it’s not a cheap exercise, and something that I really only started doing 2 years ago, but it’s worth every cent. I promise that I will write a post in the coming month about travelling on a budget- because it’s honestly what I do.

Chilling inside an 18th Century castle in Prague
On the streets of Prague

Excited: To share all of my travel and beauty content with you! Now that the blog has had a fresh start, I have already scheduled a lot of content. I am so excited to share it with you guys, so stay tuned this week for a beauty review(and a giveaway!), our stay at The One and Only and a look book from Moscow!

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  1. You look so relaxed, refreshed and radiant in your pics. So inspired by your pictures. I love travel.

  2. I’m so sorry about the smash and grab! It may sound redundant, but speaking to a professional about the experience might help. I only say this because I was in one in 2013, and was left with a broken nose, fractured skull, a six-week course of ARVs, and terrible PTSD. I never did, and spent 2 years not driving anywhere after dark, and living in fear of absolutely everything. That said, I hope you’re doing well now, and doing what’s best for you!

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