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Blush is one of my personal favorite products in my beauty arsenal and I can never have enough of it. It’s not a favorite of le boyfriend because in the past I have known to overdose on it, i.e. go mad with it on my face! I have learnt through the years that less is very often more when it comes to blush and you just need it for that pop of color when you are looking tired, or just want to look fresh faced and well, red-cheeked. I have been trying out these powder blushes from Bobbi Brown, and as with all Bobbi products they are the cats pajamas.


bobbi brown powder blush rose petal






I received two of the shades to try out- Poppy which is a brick red, and Rose Petal which is a very soft pink. As with all Bobbi products, the packaging is very simple yet very effective. These blushes are also made to fit into a customized palette that you can make at any Bobbi Brown counter. It is the same size as their eyeshadows, so you can very nicely mix and match a palette of say 3 of your favorite eyeshadows and one blush. Very handy if you ask me! Both blushes are extremely  well pigmented and you can see the pigment that picks up in the photo with just one swipe. Thats why you have to be a little light-handed when applying it and blend it in a bit to make sure you get just the right amount of blush.

bobbi brown powder blush
Rose Petal swatched on the left, and Poppy on the right









Lets talk about the separate shades.

bobbi brown poder blush 2
Rose Petal on the left, and Poppy on the right


Rose Petal

bobbi brown powder blush rose petal


Now something that I also learnt quite recently at a Bobbi Brown make-up lesson is that your shade of blush and your lipstick have to be from the same color family. It just makes sense, and looks good and polished on your face. So with the Rose Petal shade, I paired it with a soft pink lipstick, and this is perfect for a day-time look.

bobbi brown powder blush rose petal
Rose Petal speaks for its name and it has a beautiful hue of a blushing summer rose. It looks more hectic in the pan and on the finger, but once you swipe it with a blush brush onto your face, it comes out beautiful and not so rich. I gave it two swipes under my cheekbone and a little on the apple of the cheeks to achieve this very sweet, day-time look.It gives me happy spring and summer vibes, and while I might pack it away in winter and rather opt for the Poppy shade, this will be my go-to shade until summer is done.

bobbi brown powder blush rose petal


bobbi brown poser blush poppy

Poppy is a very strong red, and I would recommend it for a night time look. I paired it with a red lippie, because they match perfectly, and this makes for a seductive, vampy look for a night out. Again the color looks a lot more hectic on the swatch and in the pan, and while it is still that bright brick red, on the cheeks it just looks like a beautiful pop of red. This is a winner for every skin tone- from pale to medium(like me) to dark, I think during the winter time especially, this shade looks gorgeous.

bobbi brown powder blush
Rose Petal on the left and Poppy on right


I love these powder blushes from Bobbi Brown, and while at R390 each they are quite pricey, the quality that you get for that amount is great. I also own a NARS “Deep Throat” blush(which I paid almost R550 for), and I think it terms of quality and pigment, the Bobbi Brown blushes are a great substitute for that.



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